What’s Good:

  • Graphics
  • Character Design
  • Fun Factor
  • Easy to Play / Hard to Master

What Could Be Better:

  • A little short
  • Two Player can be tough on certain levels

In typical Nintendo fashion, they take a tried and true concept and add a new twist to it –  well, sort of. Much like the Wii game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, this game took its traditional design and kicked it up a notch. While Yoshi looks a heck of a lot better than Kirby did with its Yarn version, it still felt very familiar.

Literally everything in this game could be recreated with stuff from your local craft store and it’s done so well. From yarn, to cotton, to buttons, everything in this game was redesigned from the ground-up from its standard familiar form.

This game plays in the exact same way as the Yoshi’s Island games did, minus the annoying baby Mario. Yoshi eats his enemies, and instead of creating eggs to throw, he produces yarn balls. It’s a standard side-scroller game with boss battles at the end of each world.

It’s no secret that the major charm to this game is in its overall feel. Everything is so cute, from the visuals, to the music, to even the enemies! It’s very hard not to fall in love with this game. I played through the entire game with my wife, who also really enjoyed this game (which made it even more fun). While some stages are really tough to pull off with two players, I think the fun factor in this game is amplified if you have someone to play with. Overall, it’s a very easy game but difficult to master, thanks to the collectibles in each stage. You collect yarn to unlock different Yarn Yoshis, and you have to collect all the flowers to unlock the special stage in that world. If you collect all the flowers in the game, something else will happen (spoilers). Even once you beat the game, it taunts you by unlocking the Boss Tent Challenges where you……GASP……unlock more Yoshis!

While the wife and I beat the game a few days ago, this is easily one I will revisit again and again until I collect everything! Oh yeah……kids like it too, so you can play with your kids and have fun together. If they get stuck, you can just eat them and carry them as an egg for awhile! If you are a Wii U owner with someone else to play with, I highly recommend this game!

Final Say

A fun and fantastical twist on the tried and true platforming formula Nintendo does best. Fun story, great visuals and a must play with a friend! While not a perfect game, this should be in every Wii U owners library.