The April Games with Gold titles have been announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360!

Xbox One

The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Game Series will be available  4/1-4/30

Sunset Overdrive will be available 4/16-5/15

Xbox 360

Dead Space will be available 4/1-4/15

Saints Row IV will be available 4/16-4/30


This is a great lineup! The Wolf Among Us was a great story that I look forward to playing through again on Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive is often appears on “Best Xbox One Games” lists, and I look forward to finally getting rid of the disk that I have for it! Maybe I’ll finally play Sunset Overdrive now? I’ve never played Dead Space, probably because I’m not a horror fan, but since it’s part of Games with Gold, I’ll try it out! I’ve already got the Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Xbox One release that I have yet to sink time into, so Saints Row IV doesn’t do much for me, except give me more possible achievements to hunt!

I hope to see more months like this! Seeing Sunset Overdrive makes me wonder when we might expect to see Ryse: Son of Rome or Dead Rising 3 as part of Games with Gold!