As we discussed on the latest episode of Play Some Video Games here are the top 5 sports games from the staff here at PSVG, let us know some of your favs in the comments section!


1. Mario Golf World Tour
2.Tecmo Super Bowl
3. NCAA Football 2004 (first one with animations & real pagentry)
4. Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
5. NHL 94
Honorable Mention for Wii Sports, the best “killer app” since Pong.

Donnie respectfully declines to include Mario Kart as a sports title & the difficulty of selecting which one in the series would be most appropriate. However if you do consider Mario Kart as a sports title it absolutely would be at the top of the list.


  1. SSX Tricky
  2. Any N64 Wrestling Game by THQ
  3. NBA Street
  4. Super Punch Out
  5. Mario Kart


  1. Tecmo Super Bowl
  2. EA NHL Series
  3. Blades of Steel
  4. Mutant League Hockey
  5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition

1. Madden (currently 16, but each one gets better)
2. MX Unleashed
3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004
4. Forza Horizon 2
5. Pong

Coach Mo:

1. Def Jam fight for NY
2. NBA 2K11
3. MLB the Show 15
4. Madden 09
5. Fight Night round 3

1 – SSX Tricky
2 – R.B.I. Baseball (original 1988 release)
3 – Madden 03
4 – Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
5 – NBA Jam (Arcade)