It all started as an idea I had for an article. We’ve all been bombarded if you are entrenched in gaming culture with energy drinks, mountain dew ads, and now this new gamer focused drink mixes (C4 Cellucore, Mixt, and GFuel). So I thought it would be worthwhile checking them out and writing about my experience with them (taste, quality, do they actually work, etc) so I did. Ironically enough I did not start with GFuel, but I certainly ended it with it. I opted to start with Cellucore’s C4 formula because it was available to purchase in store at the Vitamin Shoppe.


I’ll also loop you into my personal story here, I unfortunately have a caffeine addiction and whenever I do not get enough in my system I suffer from pretty bad migraines that make it hard to operate as a normal human being. So my daily routine used to involve A LOT of coffee and some soda as well. For this experiment I completely cut myself off of other forms of I’m not going to spend a lot of time on C4 because to be honest that’s not what this is about. I picked up some “Icy Blue Razz” and Fruit Punch as from my research online they are the go-to flavors for most users. The fruit punch tasted like a generic store brand kool-aid type thing, while “Icy Blue Razz” was a much more pleasurable flavor to use. Both formulas mixed pretty well and Icy Blue Razz left no weird aftertaste but unfortunately fruit punch did. After using C4 for a week I can attest to it certainly gives me the pick me up effect however I would notice a crash in energy levels after an hour to two. That was honestly the only effect it had on me. Covered me in the energy field and handling my caffeine cravings while still being a healthier alternative to Mt. Dew or the like; however I can say I wasn’t super impressed. If interested you can learn more about C4 here.

After using C4 for two or three weeks (not sure the exact time frame) I finally bit the bullet and ordered some GFuel. I had thought about it a few times over the past year but never motivated myself to do it, but I figured now was as good a time as any. I started by ordering some Blue Ice (their version of Icy Blue Razz) as I figured it was best to compare the two exactly side by side. After only a few days I can say I certainly noticed a major difference. GFuel increased my focus (which worked well in my job, and in gaming), took care of my caffeine issue, and gave me more energy but without the sharp drop-off we all experience when using energy drinks (Red Bull, Monster, etc) or even C4. Overall I can attest it just made me feel better. Yes there is still caffeine but it is accompanied by lots of vitamin C, E, B6 and B12. Now since I don’t take daily vitamins or anything like that, this has been a great way to get a little (or a lot) of those added to my daily regiment. I wondered if it was just a placebo effect, but now flash-forward to a month later, I am a daily user and feel great. I have also turned a bunch of people on to the product as well and they can all attest to the same things I just listed above.

Now, GFuel offers a lot of flavor options here, to be honest it can seem a little overwhelming. So once I realized I liked the product I went back and ordered more. I specifically picked up the premium sampler pack (the easiest way to sample almost all of their flavors) and a tub of Fazeberry. While I am a self-proclaimed hater of fruit, I was really surprised at how many of the flavors I really enjoyed including Peach Mango, which normally I hate those flavors alone forget about together. I think I can say that there aren’t any “bad” flavors of GFuel. It mixes well and doesn’t have any aftertaste for me at least when shaken properly, I will warn though as you get close to being done your drink you do need to keep shaking so that it mixes the bottom otherwise you will get a little powdery residue at the end. Here is where I warn you, if you jump in and enjoy it gets addicting real quick.

GFuel is the official drink of eSports so naturally they partner with faces and names embedded in that culture. Faze clan, Nadeshot, Teequo and others forthcoming have all gotten their own branded shakers and/or flavors of GFuel for them.  This is where the collector in me gets into trouble. The shakers are a lot of fun to collect and I am constantly looking at what’s coming soon and so on. I currently have give shakers in my collection with some coming up I have my eyes on. I have also expanded my collection of GFuel Tubs (Blue Ice, Fazeberry x 2, Grape, Coconut, Watermelon, Pineapple) so it can become a “thing” you get yourself into. However I can say the primary reason for that is I don’t want the same flavor every day, I like to have options. GFuel also is pretty good about offering promos at different times so you can almost always find some sort of deal to save a couple bucks. You can find out more and purchase GFuel here.

In closing at least for me, I can say this product works. I overall feel healthier, enjoy the flavor, enjoy the community around the product, it just makes sense. If you are a coffee person like I used to be you can save a lot of money and not have the side effects, a serving of GFuel if you buy the tubs even at full price is less than a dollar a drink. If you are hooked on Red Bull or Monster you can save even more and not get the “drop off” or “Crash” of energy afterwards. So while yes it may be habit forming for you, I stand by this product and what it does….besides it’s better than being on crack? Right?