We all know the curse: For the most part, movies based on video games have a TERRIBLE track record. I’m looking at you, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros, Doom, and Street Fighter. In my humble opinion, there have only been a few that I can tolerate, like the first Mortal Kombat and the Resident Evil Series (kinda). We’ve seen tons of articles and stories tearing these apart, but I think it’s time to shed some light on the real problem: Why are there so many shitty movie video games?!


With the amazing storytelling that can be found in almost any movie, it’s hard to imagine how a great game hasn’t come from it. Look at Harry Potter, for example –  so much lore and story to pull from, yet there wasn’t a single decent game to come out of all of those movies! They had story lines that often had very little to do with the actual movies and the controls were terrible. Clearly, these games were made only to be a cash cow and nothing more. It wasn’t until later when Lego jumped in to make the Lego Harry Potter games did this series bring any sort of halfway decent games. With that being said, they are arguably the worst Lego games that came out! That’s the curse of the movie video game. Most of the time, they are made to either take advantage of kids or simply attempt to grab some of the cash blowing around during the movie release, resulting in rushed abominations. Please, let’s not forget the ten-to-twenty truckloads of E.T. for the Atari that were buried…..that’s how bad it was…and yes, I owned and played a copy, so I can speak candidly about it. Seriously, what the heck was that game supposed to be about anyway?!?!


With the exception of Goldeneye 64 and Aladdin on SNES/SEGA (yeah, I went there), it seems like most of these are complete messes. The few times they are done right (go with me here), is when they do NOT come out around the same time as the movie. When a game company takes the premise of a movie and really spends time on developing a game, it can be great. Just a few examples: Remember The Ghostbusters game from 2009? The movie came out in 1984. Chronicles of Riddick came out 4 years after the movie. The Warriors on PS2/Xbox came out 33 YEARS later. A more recent example would be the Shadows of Mordor, a “Lord of the Rings” game which doesn’t really follow the movies at all…and that’s OK!

I know that, like everything today, it’s all about the almighty dollar; but for the fans’ sake, PLEASE slow down the process if using a movie license. If you don’t, the odds are not in your favor. Now, could someone get to work on a REAL Harry Potter game? Or perhaps some Hunger Games action is in order….now I would play that.

Comment below with some other terrible/good movie games and tell us what you think! Otherwise, we might all end up with another one of these: