Tomorrow Sony is hosting an event at GDC to give more information about Playstation VR. I was hoping to live blog/tweet it, but it does not look like that will happen. So, this article will focus on what I am hoping to see at the GDC event and I will write a follow up article after the event to recap what occurred. Without further ado, here is what I am hoping happens at the Playstation VR event…

Release Date and Price

Even though GDC is not usually about marketing hype, it seems like the right time to announce date and price, especially since Playstation VR (then Project Morpheus) was first revealed at GDC. With Oculus hitting the streets before the end of the month and Vive right around the corner, hearing a release date and price from Sony would make sense. There have been leaks about price ($800) and release window (Fall) and while both of those would be disappointing, I would likely still consider preordering even if both of those are true. It seems like a late summer release date (after E3) is a possibility, but I anticipate the device is going to be more expensive ($600+) than we want or expected it to be.

Pack-In Games

Vive and Oculus have included games with the purchase of their hardware, and I think Sony will follow suit. I am just not certain how far they are willing to go with those games. Are they willing to pack-in a game like RIGS? Is Golem far enough along to be ready for launch? Is The London Heist a full game? Battlezone was just featured on the Playstation Blog, so is that done in anticipation of an announcement? Some games that may be good prospects for pack-ins include The Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Sony Playroom, and/or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. I just have no idea how close any Sony VR game is to completion, so it is difficult for me to guess what games might be included. Speaking of completed games…

Launch Lineup

While launch lineups for consoles are often soft, I believe Playstation VR has to have a solid lineup from day one, especially if the price comes out as high as has been speculated. Though high price tags can be difficult to stomach, a high price tag with nothing to play can be downright nauseating. A current concern is most VR games seem to be demos rather than full games. While I am ok with a few demos that show off what the tech can do, I am hoping for a good number of games to keep me busy. Is there a specific number I am looking for? Not necessarily. It is going to matter more about the entire package (price, release date, game lineup).

A New Controller

I know I am going to be using the Dualshock 4 for many games, but I am hoping there is another controller option other than the Move. Some patents have leaked that Sony applied for in the past few years and many of them show a glove. Might we have a Power Glove that actually works?! Even if it is not a glove, I am hoping we have an option for something more geared towards VR (the Oculus Touch controllers look  really interesting). If it exists, I hope it is included when you purchase Playstation VR.

One Big First-Party AAA Game (not called Gran Turismo)

Sony has been very upfront that they will not force one of their studios to work on VR, but I feel like there is a big VR game being worked on that we have not heard about and it will be ready for launch. What game and what developer? No idea. Maybe the next God of War from Sony Santa Monica is VR. Maybe Sucker Punch is putting an inFAMOUS game into VR. Maybe Bend is making a huge new IP in VR. Heck, maybe Horizon Zero Dawn will be VR compatible. There are plenty of titles I am excited about (Golem, Robinson: The Journey, Ace Combat 7), it just seems we need one big game from a Sony owned  studio. But maybe they consider RIGS and Gran Turismo to be those games.

That is what I am looking for at the Playstation VR event. Will it all come true? Will the rumored VR edition of No Man’s Sky be announced? Will it cost $1000 and come with no games crushing all my hopes and dreams? Come back tomorrow to find out!