Yesterday I wrote an article about everything I was hoping we learned from the Playstation VR Event being held at GDC. Now that the event has happened, let’s take a look at what was addressed in the topics I was looking for…

Release Date and Price

October. $399. Overall, I am really happy with this. A more solid date in October would have been nice, and more information about when we could actually preorder would have been helpful, but this is a great start. A few keen observers noted the package does not include a Playstation Camera, which is required for PSVR. It would not surprise me to see another SKU closer to launch that includes the camera and Playstation Move controllers. Either way, it might not be a bad idea to pick up a Playstation Camera now, just in case.

Pack-In Games

Well, we did not get as many as I was hoping, but The Playroom VR (looks like I had the name a bit off in my previous article) will be a free download for everyone who purchases PSVR. It comes with six games that will show folks why VR is “the next big thing.” This seems a lot like Wii Sports on the Wii. None of those activities were a complete game, but I still played them for hours. These games will also be a great way to introduce friends and family to PSVR (again, similar to Wii Sports) so for Sony, it is as much about giving you something to do, as it is for giving you a way to show off their product.

Launch Lineup

We did not get a lot of specific information here, but there were a few developers on Twitter mentioning seeing folks in VR in October (mainly Guerrilla Cambridge, so looks like RIGS will be day one).However, Sony did mention there are over 230 developers working on bringing content to PSVR and that between launch and the end of the year Sony anticipates 50 games being available. If even just a few of those games are great, that is a very solid launch.

A New Controller

Nothing to see here…move along 🙁

One Big AAA Game (not called Gran Turismo)

When I wrote this yesterday, I assumed this would come from a Sony First-Party. However, a Star Wars: Battlefront experience is being developed by DICE exclusively for PSVR. No additional information was provided, but I expect we will get more information about this at E3. While it was not the announcement I was looking for, I will take it. I had also mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn being playable in VR, and that is kind of true. All PS4 games (and at least Netflix) can be played in PSVR via a cinematic mode. This will allow the user to select one of three screen sizes and play their PS4 games while wearing PSVR. I am not sure how often I would use this, but it is nice to know the option exists.

Overall I am pretty happy with what was announced. I would like a few more details on games, but I expect we will see a lot of that at E3. What did you think of the announcement? Should the camera be packed in? What about the price? Let me know below or hit me up on Twitter!