Games! I love this list of games because there is a lot on here that I will be getting for my achievement hunting in the winter months. I would love to have some kind of witting thing to place here but I got nothing. Lets get to the games folks.

Those Major Titles though:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Deluxe and Regular editions) Oct 25

Farming Sim 17 Oct 25

Infinite Air with Mark McMorris Oct 25

Just Dance 17 Oct 25

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Oct 28

Titan Fall 2 (all versions) Oct 28


The Down Low Launches:

Big Buck Hunter Arcade Oct 25

Ginger: Beyond the crystal Oct 25

Cluster Truck Oct 28

Kyurinaga’s Revenge Oct 25

Monster Jam: Crush It! Oct 25

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Oct 25th


Game of the week:

I so badly want to say Just Dance 17 or Farming Simulator 17. I want to make a joke about returning to their “roots” and all sorts of things. But I have to be all journalistic $ stuff so well, here it is.  Titanfall 2 is set to be everything I want it to be. Solo campaign, some awesome multiplayer mechanics, oh and giant mechie robots you can use to smash people in the face. I am jacked for this game and I hope to play online with all of you. (on Xbox)