Well folks, this has been a week. I was going to just post my original version of this but that felt dishonest and that is something I never want to be with you. What do I mean you may ask dear reader, well my plan was to release our Xbox update for Oct 18th thru October 24th this past Tuesday night due to the fact last week some stuff was added late and I wanted to give you all the gamie goodness you deserve. But then one of my football players got hurt and I wasn’t able to post it. So here it is a day late due to hospital visits, team time, and following up with my boy Ky. Ky if you read this, I cant wait to see how strong you come back from this.

On to the games.


Those Major titles tho:

Batman: Return to Arkham Oct 18th

Battlefield One Oct 18th

Jack Box Party Pack 3 Oct 21

Resident Evil Triple Back

Rock Band Rivals Expansion Oct 18th


The Down Low launches:

Mordheim City of the Damned Oct 18 (for those who didn’t pre order it)

HoPiko Oct 18

Bug Butcher Oct 18

Horse Racing Oct 21

Slain: Back from Hell Oct 21


Game of the Week:

Well folks, this was going to be Rock Band for me, cause I just love that new drum set. However, after spending more time with Battlefield One’s campaign I am going to have to recommend that one. My reasoning, because while I was sniping some enemy soldiers during a mission, they shot the windmill I was sitting in, blowing a hole in the wall that I then jumped out and had to scramble to safety from the enemy attack. Folks, please play this game.



Well that’s all I got fam, hope this helps you in the search for new games and cant wait to play games with you.

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