As part of EA Access, new EA games are able to be played five days before release. Since Unravel is in EA’s portfolio, it is part of this program. As such, you can now access a ten hour trial of Unravel, which contains the first two levels. Here are some quick impressions:

Unravel is beautiful. It is simple, and elegant. The gameplay is smooth, and the game tells you just enough to help you understand the mechanics of the game. The puzzles are smartly designed, and did not feel too hard or too easy Р literally just right for me.

You play as a creature made of yarn, which you must use to solve the puzzles you meet. Whether you have to do some fancy swinging, bridge building, or clever lifting, the game trusts you to understand how to figure them out. You have to watch out for water and crabs in the first two levels, which pose a threat to you. If you are caught by one of these hazards, you will be taken back to your most recent save point, which seemed to be evenly placed.

The music is relaxing, and the tone of the game is warm and inviting. I’m eager to see how the full game is received, and how difficult the puzzles get as you progress. I’m also intrigued by the story that is unfolding as you play, it feels like this will be a game that will pull on the player’s heart strings.

Unravel will release digitally on February 9, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 & PC for $19.99. If you are a member of EA Access on Xbox One or PC, you will receive 10% off your digital purchase.

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