Looks like it’s that time of the week, folks! The Nintendo eShop has yet another slew of new titles to explore and try, and this time around we have one to give a hands-on experience! Too Kind Studios’ Kickstarter project in 2015 gave rise to the well-animated title Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper for the Steam platform in 2016. Now in the year of our Nayru 2017, Too Kind has managed to breathe another chance of life into their title by bringing it onto the Switch console. Check out the video below as I give it a shot!

From first glance, the game is gorgeous. Hand drawn animations by professional and loving hands, smooth and high-quality textures, and a glowing parallax foreground and background gives life to the environment, lush with platforming puzzles, collectibles, and enemies alike. Frittled with shadowy creatures whose names are one of a hundred I couldn’t even try to remember in this game, the combat is single noted with the promise of new forms of button mashing combos. The fighting style was forced and controlling, not allowing me to defend myself while airborne or able to throw my sword while midair, leaving me frustrated with some battle scenarios.

The game encourages level replayability, leaving a nostalgic feel of Shantae in needing new powers and forms to traverse fresh sections of older maps. The collectibles are almost necessary in order to gain permanent health, making me feel like I need to halt the story just so I can have a little bit more survivability. Having to complete 100 mini-challenges just for a single extra “heart” seems daunting just so you can eat another hit or two; at that point, I would hope I was so acquainted with the game that I wouldn’t need it in the first place!

The game offers different forms of combat as you continue into the game and hopefully will deliver a satisfyingly clean breath of freedom to how you tackle the dozens of foes you encounter throughout the game.

The music is top caliber for each area, and probably the most impressive point of the game (besides the small bits of super sweet narrations by Kai Kennedy). Properly themed and well written, the music had a lot of hard work put into this title.

Pankapu is a fun and loving platformer that will reach to a younger audience with ease while providing a challenge to the lesser degree of StudioMDHR’s Cuphead. Those looking for another game that can give the same feel as SNES title Disney’s Magical Quest will instantly recognize a sense of reminiscence, allowing you to brave another chance into a magically drawn and mystically inspired world.

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper

Overall Score



  • Great Hand Drawn Animation
  • Top Notch Soundtrack
  • Wonderful Style of Narration and Story
  • Wide Array of Puzzles and Forms To Try
  • Lots of Replayability


  • Frustrating Combat/Platform Moments With Too Few Checkpoints
  • Beginning Game Seems Bland For Battling
  • A Hundred Mini-Challenges For A Single Heart Container?
  • The Game Crashed Within 15 Seconds of Me Moving