The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD reviews are going up across the web. What can you expect out of this game before its Friday release date? It appears that the game is being received quite positively. Check out the following reviews from our favorite sites.

IGN – 8.6

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD holds plenty of memorable moments that’ve stood the test of time, and Nintendo’s high-definition update does a lot to modernize its look and feel. This cleaner, fresher presentation is still noticeably and disappointingly flat in some ways, but just past that are some of the best puzzles and dungeons to be found anywhere in the series.

GameSpot – 9.0

Twilight Princess HD is unmistakably a product of its time; one that was cursed from birth with a warped identity. Crafted during anxious times for Nintendo, developed for two consoles simultaneously, this was the GameCube’s last hurrah, a Wii launch title, and a defining test for motion controls (which have been stripped out). Perhaps now, ten years later, it can finally be remembered how it ought to be; the dark and violent showpiece of a treasured series.

Polygon – 8.0

Sitting down to play Twilight Princess HD, I was struck by how little I remembered about the original. I think in 2006 I consciously tried to overlook and ignore its worst traits, focusing on its surface-level innovations — its gritty art style, its motion controls. In doing so, I never got a complete picture of the truly worthwhile Zelda adventure Twilight Princess represented: one flawed, yes, but also strange, bold and exciting. Twilight Princess HD is about as straightforward as remakes come, but it finally presents that picture with exacting clarity, warts and all.

Nintendo Life – 9/10

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is an excellent addition to the Wii U library. We do acknowledge that it’s a series entry that has its critics, with them often citing a lack of revolution from the Ocarina of Time template, in particular. Those that feel that way have little incentive to revisit it on Wii U, but this writer certainly feels that it stands on its own as an accomplished game – opinions, when it comes to a series as immersive and demanding as The Legend of Zelda, are everything.

GoNintendo – Even without “scoring” the game, we’d be remiss to not mention and share the great work from GoNintendo’s RawMeat.

This reviewer will be getting his hands on Twilight Princess HD on Friday and hope to provide a review on the remaster before it loses its luster with the audience. STAY TUNED!