As a quick reminder, we’re just 10 days away from the grand Nintendo Switch reveal in Tokyo on January 12th at 11PM Eastern in Tokyo, Japan. As has become the norm with Nintendo’s Directs in the past, it would appear some information is beginning to leak out ahead of the official presentation. The most important detail comes from Laura Kate Dale over at Let’s Play Video Games, who today reverses her previous report and shares that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will release on Nintendo Switch when it launches in March, at least here in North America. Emily Rogers has also corroborated this story and twitter has even surfaced some marketing materials on display in Europe’s GAME retailer showcasing the next Zelda game arriving in March (launch day).

Laura Dale didn’t stop their either, she went on to add that she expects Mother 3 to be shown at the event and to be released on the Nintendo Switch virtual console. She even went on to add that she expects the long awaited Japanese port to come to the Switch in Q2 of 2017. This would add even more value to a Nintendo Switch’s virtual console that’s already supposedly receiving Gamecube support in the form of Smash Bros Melee, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Sunshine.

So What Do We Think?

Well I can 100% tell you that most of team PSVG are sick and tired of chasing rumors and are ready for Nintendo to just pipe up already. I myself, have always enjoyed the chase and thrill involved with any juicy rumor especially from sources with credibility of any kind. It takes a special person to go out there on a limb and risk their or their brand’s reputation on any information regardless of how much they trust their source, which I do admire.

Personally, I’m way more excited for the Zelda news vs. the Earthbound news. Funny that this news would surface today as I started playing Earthbound over the Christmas break in hopes of catching up with Keven & Jason on the series. I think anyone that was on the fence about a Switch purchase in March has feel a bit more compelled if in fact Zelda is their on the first day. Even though I’m excited for the newest system from Nintendo, I’ll admit that having that new Zelda game will trump any excitement I might have for the system. It does however continue to enhance a fear of mine that continues to grow – This Nintendo Switch is going to be hard to get a hold of. It has much less to do with the NES mini fiasco and more to do with the excitement that continues to build. First that YouTube commercial, then the Fallon appearance, and now to think this device that has already been shown positively to millions, might get the Zelda and/or Mario launch title and release inside of a 90 day window? This could be a wii-like situation in terms of availability where many have already speculated could be less than 5 million on launch day.

In less fearful meditation, all of this build up does have me excited for what appears to be a Nintendo leading with a good first step. Something that I feel like we haven’t said about them in a very long time. They have a device that I think many are at least intrigued with and in an attempt to appeal they’re bringing the best IP they have right out of the gate. It feels like a different Nintendo, one that has at least listened to some criticism that has followed them since the Nintendo 64. When I made my podcast proclamation that I was trading in my Wii U for a Switch fund, that was more about the Wii U games coming over to the Switch than the system itself. However the virtual console support news has me much more excited for the Nintendo Switch than as a simple Wii U replacement/upgrade. Feels like this united console/portable idea could lead to Nintendo finally providing fans with that ultimate ‘everything Nintendo’ box and not the pick and choose cat and mouse game we’ve been treated to for so long. Who knows, maybe they’ll even say Metroid next week.

What do you think about today’s rumors? Does Mother 3 and/or Zelda get you any more or less excited for the Switch reveal or launch?