Welp, it’s that time of the month again, inklings! Looks like Pearl and Marina have yet another dispute to settle, and it seems like we’re going to take the battle to the bathroom! Having held consistency since ye olde times, it was always standard to have the toilet paper roll down in front. However, we live in an age of rebellion and exploration, where anything is possible! It starts at midnight EST this Sunday and you have 24 hours to show your side the chance for supremacy! Check out the video below to see the banter!

So that’s all the hype I’m gonna give it. This is ridiculous.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed or felt from the general vibes since its announcement, the debate isn’t as hot as Nintendo was hoping it to be. As we mention on our latest podcast, the battle for toilet paper’s placement is, well, pretty stupid. No one really cares how they have to reach for the stump sheets when you gotta wipe your butt. Having to duke it out over Splatoon 2 seems like the worst excuse for a civil war over the ol’ white bowl, but what do I know? I fought for glory and honor over condiments.



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