For our first installment in the “Player Profiles” series for Play Some Video Games we have the privilege and honor of speaking with Dave Solo. Dave is the CEO of Walker Nation LLC, The host of the podcasts Walker Nation and The Solo Sessions, The host of Fan Fest Live/Panel Moderator for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, and the host of WSC Live/Panel Moderator for The Walker Stalker Conventions. Wow, that certainly is a mouthful, AKA he’s a pretty busy guy but he was nice enough to take some time off and do a little Q+A for us!


Q: Thanks so much Dave for being our first featured person for the “Player Profiles”. How did you first get into gaming?

A: Hey! I was introduced to gaming by my older brothers. The Atari 2600 is the first console that I remember playing, I loved playing E.T. and for some reason Skiing was my favorite Atari Game!

Q: Speaking of favorite games what would you say are your top five games of all time?

A: It’s always tough to narrow it down, but I’ll do my best:

  1. Gears of War
  2. Halo
  3. Shenmue
  4. Maniac Mansion
  5. Resident Evil

Q: Since you are such a horror guy at heart, what horror movie/franchise would you most like to see reimagined in a new video game?

A: I’m pumped about the new “Friday the 13th” video game! However, I think playing as Chucky from “Child’s Play” would be amazing! Imagine being able to act like a doll and then come alive and kill people in a video game!

Q: We also know you are a family man, so how do you make gaming a family affair and what games do you and your family enjoy together?

A: The Solos absolutely make gaming a family affair! We love playing “Mario Party” and those types of games together. Other than that, my son and I will play shooters together and I’ll dabble in “Minecraft” with my daughter. We’ve raised our kids with games always present, it’s a great way to teach them the difference between what you can do in real life and what you can’t. It’s also a great bargaining chip too.

Q: What is your most anticipated title for this year?

A: I’m really excited for “Gears of War 4”! Gears is my favorite franchise of all time and I can’t wait for new people and places in that universe!

Q: What would you like to see from the gaming industry as a whole this year?

A: I want to see more originality, I think “Far Cry Primal” is on to something. Let’s see some more strong female characters (not sexualized) like Clementine from TellTale’s The Walking Dead games. I also want to see less gimmicks (like amiibos & skylanders) and more story-rich games!

Thanks for your time Dave, we would love to get you on the podcast sometime to discuss your thoughts more! You can learn more about Dave Solo and the Walker Nation Family @ and follow them on Facebook. You can download the Walker Nation and The Solo Session podcasts on iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher and anywhere else podcasts can be heard!