As primarily an Xbox gamer, the idea of exclusive PlayStation and Nintendo games that I would like to play on the Xbox is disgusting to me. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, the past week of Black Friday shopping, Cyber Monday stalking, and pre-Christmas plotting has gotten me thinking about those series, franchises, and IPs that I would love to see on the Xbox. I am in no way considering whether this is realistic in any way. I am not taking into account reality, but pure desire. As an Xbox fanboy (I admit), which games would I beg to see on the Xbox?

Nintendo: Xbox’s Family-Fun Gap

Super Smash Bros.

Xbox is missing a lot of those “family-fun” titles that Nintendo can’t get enough of. The Kinect was Xbox’s effort to include and encourage that part of their game development. Unfortunately, that ship sailed hard. If you granted me one wish for the Xbox community, it would be for Super Smash Bros. to make its debut on our platform with the inclusion on good ol’ Master Chief and maybe a few exclusive characters.

I am filled with nostalgia and great memories whenever someone brings up SSB. From the N64 to its latest installments, with few bumps on the road, SSB has always delivered an excellent single or multiplayer experience. It was SSB that convinced an 11-year old version of LoboRican to get a Gamecube. Even in undergrad at NC State University, I remember going down to the on-campus arcade club (“Wolves’ Den) and playing other random students on the original SSB and Melee versions of the game. Those were good times.

Mario Kart & Mario Party

Kart and Party are two other game series that would fill in Xbox’s missing “family fun” genre. There simply aren’t that many games to sit down with your non-gaming spouse or friends and just chill out to. Even though there are promising trends in indy development, nothing comes close to the refinement and proven formula that Kart and Party have delivered over the last couple decades.

Microsoft’s first-party racing scene revolves around Forza, which delivers an excellent experience. However, it would be silly to compare Mario Kart with Forza—different genres and different audiences. At the end of the day, I wish Kart and Party were on the Xbox because it would make my gaming a more local and family experience, which it is currently far from being. My wife recalls playing Kart and Party with her siblings growing up, and her learning curve for shooters and other adventure games is often too demanding for the non-gamer. Mario Kart and Mario Party making an appearance on the Xbox would be a day of jubilee for the Microsoft fanboys.

The PlayStation: The Arch-Nemesis

I have always chosen the Xbox over the PlayStation primarily because of the Xbox community. Xbox, especially now under Phil Spencer, has prioritized and emphasized the social tools and dynamics that make this community superb. Sit down and watch the last two E3 Xbox conferences and you will notice the sheer number of games, apps, and technology aimed at improving the social elements of gaming. Secondly, I like Xbox’s exclusive more. However, these are the PlayStation games that I would like to have on the Xbox:


Xbox has excellent shooters in its library, with Halo and Gears of War spearheading that genre. However, PlanetSide brings something to shooters that few, if any, other games have: post-match continuity and a constant battlefield. I have always found the constant flux and conquest elements of PlanetSide fascinating and a unique element of the IP. Regardless of how flawless Halo 5’s multiplayer is and the popularity of IPs like Gears of War, CoD, and Battlefield may be, PlanetSide would be a welcomed addition for the Xbox, and a game I would get all my friends to get and play with me.

There is a good chance that the next PlanetSide will release on Xbox, given Daybreak’s departure from Sony Games and its likely inclusion of development in other platforms. However, for the time being, all I can do is watch streamers on Twitch rock massive battles between the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate—maybe one day.

Kingdom Hearts

Unlike the other games mentioned above, the Xbox One is getting the next Kingdom Hearts: KH III. This is a series that I have always been intrigued by and I am hoping to pick up once it releases—whenever that actually happens. I have never played KH I or II, but I am friends with many who have and they have nothing but love for the series. Since I have never owned a PlayStation, I have never been able to play them. However, Kingdom Hearts III will mark a new page in developer SquareEnix’s history, and the inclusion of the Xbox market into this great saga.

A successful launch of KH III on the Xbox could lead to the release of KH I and II remastered on the Xbox and PS4. I can only hope and dream that this is the case.


I don’t lose sleep at night over these missing IPs from the Xbox library. I actually have a growing backlog of games that I haven’t even started playing (I’m looking at you AC: Syndicate). However, these are the great Nintendo and PlayStation titles that not only would complement the Xbox library, but also would receive a great welcome from the fanboys. The truth is that it is very likely that the PlayStation titles I’ve mentioned above will be on the Xbox very soon; however, Nintendo is nowhere near such a move, even though they have started developing for IOS and mobile devices.

Readers will notice that I didn’t select PlayStation blockbusters such as Uncharted. There is a reason for that. I believe that the games above represent genres or gaming concepts that are missing from the Xbox catalog. I also didn’t select Nintendo’s Zelda because I also believe there are current Xbox series that fulfill that genre or concept role. I highlighted key elements of Planetside not found in other shooters and KH III represents the JRPGs that have slowly faded from Xbox development. The Nintendo games above highlight the missing “family-fun” genre that Xbox has failed to dive and invest into, outside of experimenting with Kinect.

I am certain that this list of titles would be different depending on the gamer writing it. However, this list reflects my opinion and gaming aesthetics. I am primarily a “shooter bro” with a huge love for family fun games and innovate storylines. I believe the titles above reflect that aspect of who I am as a gamer. What are the games from other platforms that you would love to see on your favorite console?