UPDATE 11.21.16

Major Retailer Target has updated their Breath of the Wild release date for North America to June 13th. Even though Nintendo has yet to confirm the delay, this adds some validity to the rumors circulating the internet that Zelda will in fact be delayed, AGAIN, for Wii U and Switch players in 2017.


Yesterday Emily Rogers wrote a blog post stating that she’s been hearing Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the very game Nintendo dedicated an entire E3 to, will miss the Switch launch due in March.

This has since been corroborated by Eurogamer and Laura Kate Dale (who owned the Nintendo Switch leaks;

So if these sourced rumors become true, how does this information change/alter your thoughts regarding Nintendo’s next gaming system the Nintendo Switch? Do you need more information?

Personally, this is a major blow if true. The fact that it was showcased at its own dedicated E3 event and in the reveal trailer of the system itself provided the impression that it would be at launch. Additionally, it proves that Nintendo will continue to use the Zelda franchise as the carrot to dangle in front of fans to keep them interested in Nintendo hardware.

The only information that I can foresee lessening this blow is if the delay is short. I mean, if the Switch launches in March and BOTW hits in May, that’s really not going to be a long wait. Especially if the Switch’s launch lineup is full of enough content to provide early adopters something to do while they wait for the big Zelda to hit those tablets. But, should BOTW be slated to be the big fall release of 2017… well they better have a great lineup at launch and through the summer or we could be in for another Wii U like drought of software support.

My only hope on these reports is that maybe Nintendo can halt any effort on the Wii U version to focus on getting the Switch version ready for prime-time. Delay the Wii U version to the fall, and put all hands on deck to optimize the Switch version as fast as possible. I know it sucks Wii U owners, but just like GameCube and Wii, this might need to be another Twilight Princess situation.