Friend of the PSVG Podcast Jeremy Alessi has taken his unique first person shooter to Kickstarter in hopes of bringing the Wii U indie game to the Nintendo Switch in the form of “Swap Fire: Season Two.” You might remember that Kevin had a good amount of praise for the Wii U game in his review – Kevin’s Review & we received so much feedback regarding the game that we had Jeremy join the PSVG podcast back on Episode 59.

Here’s some details on the kickstarter goal.

Swap Fire is a couch-multiplayer FPS for the Nintendo Wii U. Shooting your opponent rips spacetime and swaps your positions. After all the love and encouragement from fans, the team is now pushing to build Swap Fire: Season 2 for Nintendo Switch.

This Kickstarter represents the opening salvo in our attempt to fund this sequel. If we are successful, we plan to raise the rest of the money necessary to deliver the game from private investors who have expressed interested in seeing the Swap Fire series succeed.


And if funded, here’s what you can expect to be playing on that fancy new Nintendo Switch of yours.

Every day we hear from someone else that they’ll surely buy the title when it comes out for the Switch.There’s no denying it. Nintendo fans have moved on to the Switch and now so must we. Season 2 will deliver higher quality visuals, online multiplayer, and more!


If you’re interested in playing Swap Fire on your Nintendo Switch, be sure to show your support on the official kickstarter campaign.