Time is quickly running out for you to help kickstart Swap Fire Season 2 for the Nintendo Switch. They are over halfway funded at this point. But we’ve seen some comments around giving false information, so we wanted to take the opportunity to clear the air. First and foremost if you haven’t we would encourage you to listen to the podcast episode 79 to hear the whole story direct from Jeremy Alessi! Or if you prefer watch the video below:

Now to clarify on the points many people seem to be missing:


  1. This is not a port of the original game, this will be a full sequel of the Wii U title.
  2. The graphics are not going to be the same, remember the first game was developed with no funding so they were limited with what they could do both in terms of staffing and in development. Look at some of the art below for an example of what the characters are going to look like.
  3. They can’t fund this game on $5,000 and make it better, well this one is true. The purpose of this kickstarter is not to actually fund the game but to prove to an investor they have lined up that the demand and support for this game is there.
  4. There will be both couch co-op and online multiplayer.
  5. There will be more story and content in a single player mode.
  6. There will be more voice-acting, character selection instead of the generic red, blue, green, yellow with the possibility of unique skills to each.
  7.  There are many tiers of rewards for backing with lots of cool rewards but for only $25 bucks you will get the digital game, soundtrack, some wallpapers and screensavers. UPDATED if the game makes it to retail they will send you a PHYSICAL COPY of the game.

Time is running out, we hope we’ve cleared up a few things and you will go over and support these guys and their dream. As you can tell from the interviews they are a passionate group who are first fans, who want to bring this great title to it’s full potential and deliver it to you. They just need to prove that you guys want it! Please support however you can even with a share and be ever so mindful of your timespace!