In what can only be described as a pleasant surprise to fans everywhere, Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is getting an update this fall. Yes, that game from three years ago that hooked so many with its laid back approach to bug catching. The most noteworthy addition coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf is Amiibo functionality. Both Amiibo figures and the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards will be compatible so for those still not on the “New 3DS” you are gonna want to hunt down a Amiibo NFC reader before this fall. To fill you in on all the details click play above for a full update from crew at GameXplain.

Screenshot from the Animal Crossing twitter account (JPN)

Update Highlights

  • Amiibo coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
  • Now you have a 2nd use for those Amiibo you purchased for Happy Home Designer and/or Amiibo Festival
  • Amiibo Reader at Amazon conveniently only $10 – Amazon Page
  • Cards & Figure scans brings villagers to your town
  • Splatoon pictures also released in the update meaning more than just Animal Crossing compatibility