I would have never thought if you asked me 5 years ago that Deadpool have his own movie. I would have thought it even more insane if you told me it would be R-Rated. A “Superhero” movie just for adults? Featuring a foul-mouthed, super violent, schizophrenic mercenary with a love of chimichangas? Well Deadpool did come to exist as such, and man…what a ride.

In a world where Captain America scolds Iron Man for saying shit in the Avengers: Age of Ultron…seems like the most mild thing Deadpool could have done. For those of you living in a cave for the last year and somehow missed it…below is the MILD version of the trailer:

This movie was put together mainly by Ryan Reynolds relentlessness of getting it made, and made in this fashion with a small Hollywood budget of $58 million which is less than half of what the normal superhero movie is getting for a budget, but so far has made over $673 million dollars worldwide, while only being released in 2D, with an R-rating and not released in China. With director Tim Miller at the helm both him and Reynolds tried to keep as true to the “real” character as possible and holding no punches to make it family friendly…oh did I forget to mention….this is the first movie he’s EVER directed. Talk about setting the bar high…

This movie is a laugh a minute action packed love story at it’s core. The stunts and fighting sequences were top notch as well leaving you in awe that this movie was done so cheaply. Deadpool is constantly breaking the 4th wall as he does in the comics and takes the time to talk to you (the audience) throughout the movie. This is also the first movie to really use the X-man Colossus the right way, the scenes featuring Deadpool, Colossus and newcomer Negasonic Teenage Warhead (yep that’s her name….and Deadpool loves it) are easily the best scenes in the movie.

While this movie is DEFINITELY not for kids, adults who may not be into the whole superhero genre, will still have a blast with this movie, it is a must see. I will absolutely be picking this one up on bluray I cannot wait to see out takes, deleted scenes, and alternate lines. Go see it in theaters, you will not regret it. It’s a breathe of fresh air from the superhero movies that are taking themselves too seriously (I’m looking at you Batman v Superman) and I think it might have just hit the top of my list of favorite superhero movies.

Until next week boys and girls….I leave you with this…..