Given the chance, many of us would be able to sum up our lives in a few words. Mine is easy. Ball. it was my first word, my first love, my first job, got me into college, and is what my professional career is based upon. Sports have been my whole life for as long as I can remember. As sports are all around me in both my day job, hobbies, and gaming I have a lot of great sports memories. . However, my favorite memories of sports aren’t the championships as a player and coach in real life and videogames, they aren’t playing football professionally over seas and in the arena league, and not the amazing feeling of seeing my students achieve their goals. Those are all great memories but the ones  I charish the most of all, are those of practice. Squaring up against teammates, the extra hours in the gym by myself, working on skills and failing repeatedly to only succeed later on, having my dog play left field in the world series, and making that game winning shot or sack for crucial loss… Those are the things I will remember for ever. They pop in my head when I am in the gym before and after practice. They sit with me in the car and remind me of a time when life was simpler, easier.

Super Mega Baseball ties into this emotion in a way no other game has. This isn’t professional baseball, it is those moments before practice where pitchers are actually first baseman, centerfielders are coaching, and every batter thinks they are Babe Ruth. After 30 hours with this game, I have found that it does something no baseball game has ever done for me. It reminds me that baseball isn’t just a sport, but is a game as well.

From getting stuck in a pickle in my first game, to throwing a no no throw 8 innings only to give it up on a routine ground ball you just didn’t react fast enough too in the stretch of the season, this game has some of the biggest highs I have ever had in a baseball game.



For my team I choose to edit every player to be a member of the PSVG team and their affiliates. A rag tag group of people who just love to play the game! I changed face structure, hair, name, number, etc.

Playing the game:

I jumped into a single season mode. The first few games I had a hard time hitting, Donnie Reece, our captain and Ace pitcher was doing great but I was always early on pitches. The timing in this one because of the over exaggerated junk pitches is unlike games like MLB the show. Once I got into it, Mo Mahoney our power hitting first baseman and Nate-er-tot Thomas our range-y outfielder became forces to be reckoned with.

Quick notes on in game mechanics-

Hitting- with practice becomes much easier but can be frustrating in the begging. But like real life, you just have to practice seeing the pitches move. The game will give you assistance if you need it so I recommend starting low and moving up.

Fielding- Nothing out of the ordinary however, timing throws does take some practice or else you can give up so bases and lose outs your pitching staff will star you down for.

Pitching- The best part of the game for me! I love how many pitch types they added, allowing me to use the curve to bend in and out of the strike zone helping me strike out a batters with ease.

The good:

Playing this game is a living embodiment of every kid who watched the movie The Sandlot and then went out and played for their own personal championships. The mechanics are good across the board and have had no issues with saves, weird A.I, or anything else like I have seen in other baseball games on the PS4 and Xbox.

The Bad;

Though customization of players is really good except for lack of control on height and weight but having little to no ownership of the team, the stadium, etc. That lack of control made it tougher for me in the big scheme of things as well as some of the pre-set created player options. Had I been able to rename my team the PSVG Gamers, and have a stadium of my choice, man this game would have been a 10 all the way for me.


This is a great baseball game and the normal knock people give these types of games is that you don’t know the characters, but if you take 10 min, you can create that backyard team from your child hood. Seeing my wife play second base and working to get her the batting championship, seeing Donnie work on becoming the strikeout leader, and my quest for homerun supremacy made awesome story lines for people I care about. The gameplay is quick to pick up and the more you play, the better the game gets. I can say with no doubt in my mind that this is the best baseball game on the Xbox one right now and is a must pick up for baseball fans.



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