We’ve often toyed around with the idea of featuring some “Super Mario Maker” levels for you, the community to enjoy.  Today I’m going to deliver on that idea by serving up a slice of pure frustration.

I give you “P-Switch Pandemonium+” by ol’Matt!

Matt is a member of a Discord group I’ve hung around with for nearly a year, the Oldies.  We play a variety of games, especially Nintendo, so if you are looking for a great group of older gamers, hit me up for an invite.  I might be able to squeeze you in….  We’ve got some wonderful “makers” in the group and I’ll definitely feature more of their work.  Now back to this specific level.

My only experience with Mario Maker so far, has been within this stage.  15 minutes dedicated ( I know…I know…) and I only managed to make it to what I would consider to be the second section. Get ready to defy death on several spinning blades, chomping piranha plants, and hot lava.  The P-Switch shall be your friend and your worst enemy.  Can you beat the world record of 03:27.611?

Will you even finish the course!?

Bookmark it here and try your luck.

Have a course you’d love us to try share it the comments below or our forum.

Best of luck and never stop gaming!