Regardless of all the negatives out there in the world, were you on the fence about Star Fox Zero and wanted to give it a go?  Well Nintendo has your back!  It looks like last night they not only released the animated short”The Battle Begins” for download to your Wii U, but also a demo for Zero AND Project guard.

From what I have gathered, the training missions are all that is included for Star Fox Zero, but it will at least help you get a taste for that new control scheme.  Guard on the other hand has a few levels that you can play through and all of your progress can be saved and carried over to the full game.  Here’s the small catch, you’ll be able to find the Zero demo by searching but I’m told that Guard only shows up by selecting a specific category on the eshop splash screen.  Fancy!

Will it blow your mind?  Probably not, but hey, who doesn’t like a demo!?

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