Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere or, for some reason, you pay absolutely no attention to the gaming industry (If that’s the case, why the heck are you here?), you have probably heard of Splatoon: Nintendo’s quirky (and original) take on a first person shooter. For a long time, I didn’t pay too much attention to this game at all. Most of what I buy from Nintendo are established franchises and games I can play with the whole family.

However, once reviews starting coming out and more and more people got their hands on it, everyone was raving about it. So, I started showing more and more of it to my kids (to see if it appealed to them at all, which it did) and they soon wanted to buy it. After her birthday, my oldest daughter used some gift cards to purchase it. Now, to be honest, I am not too much of a shooter gamer, overall. There have been a few I enjoyed (The Resistance Series, Killzone, etc.) but I never play those games in front of the kids. So, they had no exposure prior to anything like this. They immediately began to enjoy it, especially my oldest daughter, who quickly climbed up the ranks. Of course (in typical tween girl fashion), she loved buying new outfits and such for her character. Naturally, I had started to play it as well, and I immediately fell in love with it. This game is so easy to pick up and play but difficult to really master, and that’s what makes it great! Level 30 players can get completely destroyed by level 5 players if they play their cards right! The online community is strong here, and you never really have to wait for a match up. Plus, with the different gameplay experiences offered in the ranked battles, and the monthly Splatfests, there is always something to pull you back into this game. The single player campaign is OK – not much to write home about, but it gives another different layer to this onion. It was a welcomed break to the multiplayer experience for me, but the story was just, “Meh,” and wasn’t terribly difficult.


So why aren’t you playing it? Well, like I had mentioned before, Nintendo’s foundation is really embedded in its existing franchises (Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox) so, sometimes when something new comes out, we tend to not give it much thought. I mean by all means, most of what Nintendo puts out exclusive is solid gold material, so we expect the best when they do put something out. So, it might have just flown under your radar. Also, lets be real here too: Nintendo consoles haven’t even sold remotely as close as Xbox One and Playstation 4, so we have to take that into account. However, I really encourage any fan of something truly new and original to give this game a whirl. There aren’t a ton of games out for the Wii U that I would brand as a reason to buy the console, but this is EASILY one. So, if you have a Wii U and haven’t played this, odds are it’s collecting dust. Blow it off and pick up a copy today. If you aren’t a Wii U owner yet, there are a few bundle options out there with Splatoon. The best deal I have seen comes with the console, Super Smash Bros, and Splatoon all for around $350.00-$375.00; both games are great reasons to play the Wii U, as they are safe, family-friendly, and fun for everyone.

I want to hear from you! If if you have played Splatoon, would you agree with what I said? If you haven’t, what’s holding you back?