As one of the newest members on the PSVG team, I’ve taken a bit of time to sit back and reflect on just what exactly I can can bring to the table.  My gaming purchases have slowed down.  Rarely do I have the newest releases in my hands in a timely fashion, so that definitely rules out current reviews.  I don’t own many consoles…well, that’s another dead end.  My contribution window is getting even smaller!   I’m the resident “PC Guy” here, I’ve got to pull my weight!  After reflecting on Nathan’s article about not buying new games, it all came together.  I have a massive Steam library, it’s time to plunge through it.  Backlog Diaries was born!

So what exactly is Backlog Diaries?  It is going to be a journey.  Hang tight, readers, we are going to learn a lot about one another during this mighty quest.  Essentially, this is going to be an ongoing series from yours truly,  focusing on a single game from my shameful backlog each time.  I’ve been meaning to tackle this monster for quite a while and by writing about it here, I hope to maintain the proper motivation necessary.  That’s your mission, readers: keep me on task!  Depending on the length of each game, I’ll post my impressions and final thoughts all inside of one write up.  For something truly massive in length, I’ll  be forced to break things up just a bit.

I’ve been playing through my first selection this past week and should have everything wrapped up after the weekend.  Here’s a sneak peek:


So there you have it – Backlog Diaries is born!

Do you have a huge backlog as well?  Well now is the time to knock a few games off of that list.  Join me and we can rule the galaxy as father and….whoa…sorry, wrong quote.  Join me and together we can slay this backlog dragon!  Look out for the fire breath and tail sweep.  They can really cause some damage.

Stay tuned for future posts and maybe even the opportunity to help select what game I’ll play next!  Until then, PSVG readers, get out there and Play Some Video Games!