In a post on Tumblr, 13AM Games have provided an update on retail editions of Runbow Deluxe (Wii U) and Runbow Pocket (3DS). Listeners of the podcast know that I have spoken at length about Runbow the game and can only recommend that you give it a try as soon as possible.

Runbow Pocket

Runbow pocket is now slated for release in Q1 2017. The decision for the slight delays is attributed to online functionality for which 13AM Games also addressed. Runbow Pocket will feature online functionality for Run, Arena, and King of the Hill modes with all having a private and open lobbies. Runbow Pocket will still include the single player adventure, Bowhemoth, and the Satura’s Space Adventure DLC (sold separately). Also important to note that Runbow Pocket, exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS, will not feature Streetpass or local multiplayer.

Runbow Deluxe Edition

Runbow Deluxe will hit store shelves in North America on October 25th for $29.99. This definitive edition will include all of Runbow’s DLC plus Shantae as a playable character. Those that already own Runbow for Wii U can download Shantae for free with the games final patch that will be releasing before October 25th.