1 year after the death and disappearance of twin sisters, Hannah and Beth, 8 friends, Mike, Matt, Chris, Emily, Ashley, Jessica, Josh and Sam return to the cabin in the mountains belonging to the parents of their friend Josh, brother of the missing sisters. What could possibly go wrong?

If you thought the plot sounded like something straight out of an R.L. Stein book or a 90’s teen horror movie, you would be 100% correct. But it’s done perfectly. Until Dawn overall I think would be best described as an choose-your-own-adventure video game. Not much is required during gameplay other than a slew of quicktime events, decision making, and walking around. So it is easy to play for any gamer, where the game truly shines is it’s scare factor, writing, and casting.

The casting is a decent mix of who’s who of people that as you play through the game would be like that looks just like that person from …… well because it is and they even used a likeness of each actor/actress in the game for their character model. Most notably for me was Brett Dalton (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and Hayden Panetierre (Heroes) but when I looked at the IMDB page after completing the game I realized I knew every single character from SOMETHING so it was nice to see. The voice acting was so well done you got a real sense of terror or tension or psychotic tendencies from each character.

The story (I will go spoiler-free here) is done pretty well as mentioned earlier. Now I will say I have only played through the game once, so not sure how your gameplay experience will differ. We are told that the decisions made in the game effect the story throughout and that’s very easy to see in the later chapters as the butterfly effect is very prominent in this game as well (no I do not mean the crappy Ashton Kutcher movie) as a simple decision at the beginning could not effect anything until near the end. I have read that there is a way to make sure all of the cast lives till the end…I was not able to pull that off only 5 out of the 8 lived till the end for me. The quick time events play a big part in this, and sometime can catch you off guard giving you only a second or two at the most to make the right choice or push the right button.

I HIGHLY recommend playing this game in the dark and if possible with headphones so that you can hear all of the ambient and environmental noises that might be lost on your TV. Also they can make the jump scares get you a lot better which can be a lot of fun. Graphically a pretty stunning game however you can tell in certain points where textures in fabrics and hair did not get the same attention as other things. The game is very dark in it’s lighting which can be very forgiving and help hide a lot of graphical issues.

Overall I can confidently say this is a must play for anyone who owns a PS4, it is a lot of fun in it’s campiness. And the story is very well done. It might even be a good candidate to play with your significant other if they are a fan of horror movies. While not worth $60 bucks you should be able to get a copy for $30 or less at this point. It is definitely worth it. If you already played it please tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

Until Dawn