In No70: Eye of Basir, a manor in disrepair holds the key to secrets long forgotten. Armed with nothing but the mysterious Eye of Basir, you’ll need to stare darkness in the face to avoid the terrors lurking in the shadows – solving intricate puzzles to save your brother and reveal lost childhood memories.

Brothers Aras and Erhan grew up together in their grandmother’s house. Through the years, the two noticed strange, paranormal events that defied logical explanation. Objects would frequently change places – and the brothers would sometimes feel something passing by their door.

It has been 20 years since their grandmother’s death. Erhan and Aras have followed separate paths: Erhan became a successful archaeologist – and Aras, a famous creative director. Erhan realizes something doesn’t feel right, so he returns to the old house in search of answers – and isn’t heard from again. Aras resolves to go looking for Erhan in House No. 70 – and what he encounters there far surpasses his darkest nightmares …

I don’t think I’ve played anything horror or suspense related since last year when I played The Evil Within. So I was a little excited when the opportunity to play something creepy again. However, this is a VERY different game. Long ago during my high school and college days I played significantly more on the PC than I have until recently. I would often look for these types of adventure games like the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour among many others. This game is easily in the same vein as these with a significant graphical upgrade obviously.

Graphically the game does look pretty good but  I did have a few hang-ups as well, which temporarily froze the game for around 20-30 seconds before resuming. These made me a little nervous as the game even states at the beginning as you start that there are no save points, the game only saves as you complete each of the chapters. So if you are playing this game make sure you definitely have some time to dedicate to a session. Now with that being said they aren’t terribly long ranging from 30-45 min for me (add a little more if you think you may struggle with some of the puzzle elements) but even with my sporadic schedule I was able to complete the game play provided to me fairly easily.

Recently I’ve gotten more into playing while wearing gaming headsets so I can fully appreciate soundtracks and environmental noises and the like, well in this case, it also scared the crap out of me a few times. The environment in this game is creepy to say the least as things creak, dogs park, footsteps stomp, and in some events stuff crashes or smashes around you unexpectedly. Now the jump scares in this game didn’t get me anywhere near as bad as the audio scares did so bravo to the sound team here. The voice overs are also very well done and add to the whole mystique of Eye of Basir.

The gameplay is focused on exploration of the old house and use of the Basir (think fancy eyeglass that lets you see the paranormal) a pretty cool mechanic but however was a little underutilized for my tastes. There is some story telling in between scenes but most of the story is given to you in the forms of things you find and read throughout the game. So if you just blow through and don’t look around you will in fact miss a bunch of stuff that can make the game much more interesting.

As I got closer to the end I felt my interest waning a little bit, the ending felt…incomplete I guess. However the developer has already stated there will be free DLC coming soon so I really hope it answers some questions I have left after completing the game. Because much like the TV show Lost I was left with a lot more questions than I had answers. I want to remain as spoiler free as possible here so I don’t turn anyone away here. If you are a fan of suspense and adventure games that might give you a case of the heebie jeebies I strongly encourage you to give this one a shot. The whole game takes probably a little over two hours to complete for the average gamer not reading any sort of walkthrough or such.

No70: Eye of Basir was reviewed using a Steam code provided by the publisher. You can read additional information about PSVG’s  review policy on our disclaimer page here.

Eye of Basir

Eye of Basir

Overall Score



  • Voice over is well performed
  • Free DLC on the way
  • Can be completed in one sitting


  • Disjointed story at times
  • Basir mechanic should have been more of a focus
  • Some freeze's encountered