Are you looking for a bite-sized, quick fix, on your Nintendo Switch? I can recommend the perfect title for you, Kamiko. Developed by the indie team at Skipmore, Kamiko is charming little “action RPG” that is thrives in small play sessions and the “on the go” spirit that lies in the heart of the Nintendo Switch.


Assume the role of one of three shrine maidens and battle your way across four gorgeous pixel-chunk landscapes. Each maiden has a unique weapon and charge-up ability to help push through the mobs of re-spawning demons. For each enemy slain, you gather and earn SP, which is then used to unlock certain puzzles and open the four shrines contained within each stage. It’s a simple action setup that really just fits within the game. Once the shrines are activated you are able to progress forward to a boss encounter. My first run took me a little over an hour and now that I am familiar with the mechanics, I can rush through the game in twenty to thirty minutes. Now I’m definitely not participating in AGDQ anytime soon, but at least you get a rough idea of what to expect. I’ve played exclusively in handheld mode and I feel that is where this game is best served.


There is a loose story at play here about saving humans and some divine powers, but this game is all about the gameplay. Slashing your way through levels, dumping bosses, and trying to crush your previous play sessions length. There is a secret item to find within each stage for you completionists out there and a special menu to unlock. I won’t give away the secret here.


So, you might be wondering if this game is worth the price of admission? Three characters…that’s only going to last maybe three hours. Here’s where Kamiko stands out. It’s just a fun experience. The art is fantastic and the soundtrack for the game is just, well, awesome. It’s exactly the same reason I fell in love with “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery” years ago. The art and the audio (I love chiptune!) just complete the experience, that together, create a fun play environment. Isn’t that why we play games in the first place? Still not sold? This game is $4.99!  That’s it! You’ve seen horrible movies that cost more than this I bet, so that really throws out that entire element of risk, give it a shot.


Kamiko is a great addition to your Nintendo Switch library. It requires no commitment and is at the bargain-basement price. Don’t let this one pass you by.

Quick Hits

+Bargain-Price     -Length

+Soundtrack         -Replayability

+Art Style