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Sea of ThievesXbox One, PCTyler, Mo, Donnie, Kevin, Josh, Devin2018 Apr 475Full Review
The Long ReachNintendo SwitchDonnie, Jason2018 Mar 2665Full Review
Subsurface CircularNintendo SwitchSeth2018 Mar 490Full Review
BayonettaNintendo SwitchTyler2018 Mar 470Full Review
Monster Hunter WorldXbox OneMo2018 Feb 1287Full Review
WulverbladePS4Tyler2018 Feb 880Full Review
Nightmare BoyNintendo SwitchTyler2018 Jan 2270Full Review
Batman: The Telltale Series (Season One)Nintendo SwitchTyler2018 Jan 0565Full Review
The Coma RecutNintendo SwitchDonnie2017 Dec 2879Full Review
Post Human W.A.R.PCTyler2017 Dec 2678Full Review
YlandsPCAmanda2017 Dec 2189Full Review
Blossom TalesNintendo SwitchTyler2017 Dec 2186Full Review
Genetic DisasterPCTyler2017 Dec 1580Full Review
Dirt 4PS4Seth2017 Dec 1585Full Review
F1 2017PS4Seth2017 Dec 1593Full Review
Slime RancherPCTyler2017 Dec 1382Full Review
Earth AtlantisNintendo SwitchJason2017 Dec 564Full Review
Stick it to the Man!Nintendo SwitchTyler2017 Dec 283Full Review
Battle Chef BrigadeNintendo Switch, PCKevin & Guest2017 Nov 2090Full Review
SplasherNintendo SwitchTyler2017 Nov 1072Full Review
HobPS4Kyle2017 Oct 2580Full Review
WulverbladeNintendo SwitchSeth2017 Oct 2075Full Review
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastSNESTyler2017 Oct 1388Full Review
Thimbleweed parkNintendo SwitchKevin2017 Oct 1195Full Review
PankapuNintendo SwitchTyler2017 Oct 870Full Review
HellbladePS4, PCTyler2017 Oct 385Full Review
Chicken Wiggle3DSJason2017 Sep 2788Full Review
LocoRoco RemasteredPS4Tyler2017 Sep 775Full Review
Uncharted: The Lost LegacyPS4Donnie, Kyle2017 Aug 3182Full Review
Hey Pikmin!3DSKevin2017 Aug 1685Full Review
Miitopia3DSDonnie2017 Aug 1560Full Review
PyrePS4Seth2017 Aug 1193Full Review
ImplosionNintendo SwitchDonnie2017 Aug 875Full Review
Infinite Mini GolfNintendo SwitchDonnie2017 Aug 250Full Review
Splatoon 2Nintendo SwitchDonnie, Caroline, Kyle2017 Jul 2888Full Review
Madden 17Xbox OneMo2017 Jul 25100Full Review
Le Tour de France 2017Xbox OneMo2017 Jul 2168Full Review
No70: Eye of BasirPCKevin2017 Jul 1978Full Review
Serial CleanerPS4Kevin2017 Jul 1882Full Review
That Dragon, cancerPCDonnie2017 Jul 1783Full Review
Demon's CrystalsXbox OneMo2017 Jul 1381Full Review
Nex MachinaPS4Seth2017 Jul 1297Full Review
Ever Oasis3DSCaroline2017 Jul 1190Full Review
PerceptionXbox OneJoshua2017 Jul 680Full Review
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasNintendo SwitchKevin2017 Jun 2580Full Review
ARMSNintendo SwitchSeth2017 Jun 2389Full Review
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia3DSDonnie2017 Jun 1987Full Review
Human Fall FlatPS4Kyle2017 Jun 770Full Review
The Walking Dead: A New FrontierXbox OneMo2017 Jun 195Full Review
Injustice 2PS4/Xbox OneSeth, Nathan, Kyle, Kevin2017 May 2490Full Review
What Remains of Edith FinchPS4Kyle2017 May 1890Full Review
Akiba's BeatPS4Kevin2017 May 1865Full Review
Seasons After FallPS4Justin2017 May 1680Full Review
Tango FiestaPS4, Xbox OneDevin, Mo2017 May 1670Full Review
Mario Kart 8 DeluxeNintendo SwitchDonnie, Kevin, Jason, Nathan2017 May 1294Full Review
Robinson: The JourneyPS4Kyle2017 May 1068Full Review
KamikoNintendo SwitchJason2017 May 680Full Review
Mass Effect: AndromedaXbox OneNathan2017 May 575Full Review
Toby: The Secret MineXbox OneMo2017 Apr 2679Full Review
Ghost Recon: WildlandsXbox OneQ2017 Apr 2489Full Review
Mr. ShiftyNintendo SwitchSeth2017 Apr 1945Full Review
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchDonnie, Kevin, Seth, & Guest2017 Apr 1596Full Review
Graceful Explosion MachineNintendo SwitchDonnie2017 Apr 1190Full Review
Sublevel Zero ReduxXbox OneDonnie2017 Apr 1073Full Review
Shovel Knight: Specter of TormentNintendo SwitchSeth2017 Apr 495Full Review
Pixel Heroes: Byte & MagicXbox OneMo2017 Apr 375Full Review
Super Bomberman RNintendo SwitchDonnie2017 Mar 3145Full Review
DividePS4Kyle2017 Mar 2955Full Review
Horizon Zero DawnPS4Kyle & Guest2017 Mar 2993Full Review
HomeboundPCLucas2017 Mar 2842Full Review
Old Time HockeyPCLucas2017 Mar 2781Full Review
OrwellPCKevin2017 Mar 2090Full Review
FlywrenchPS4Seth2017 Mar 778Full Review
Double Dragon IVPS4Kevin2017 Mar 370Full Review
Riptide GP: RenegadeXbox OneJoshua2017 Mar 175Full Review
SplasherPCJason2017 Feb 2885Full Review
Steamworld Heist3DSDonnie2017 Feb 2687Full Review
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestNES ClassicKevin2017 Feb 1565Full Review
Super Mega BaseballPS4, Xbox OneMo2017 Feb 1589Full Review
Sniper Elite 4PS4Kyle2017 Feb 1387Full Review
LinelightPS4Seth2017 Feb 1090Full Review
CastlevaniaNES ClassicKevin2017 Feb 875Full Review
Bleed 2PCJason2017 Feb 884Full Review
WellsPCLucas2017 Feb 348Full Review
Watch Dogs 2PS4Devin2017 Feb 390Full Review
Kyurinagas RevengePS4Devin2017 Feb 230Full Review
Earthlock - Festival of MagicPS4Kevin2017 Feb 284Full Review
SubterrainPS4Joshua2017 Feb 254Full Review
Bubble BobbleNES ClassicKevin2017 Feb 180Full Review
Alwa's AwakeningPCJason2017 Feb 194Full Review
A Normal Lost PhoneiOS, AndroidKevin2017 Jan 3188Full Review
ZenithPS4Kyle2017 Jan 3140Full Review
Balloon FightNES ClassicKevin2017 Jan 2550Full Review
BattlebornPS4, Xbox One, PCSeth, Kevin, Josh2017 Jan 1688Full Review
Rise & ShineXbox One, PCJosh2017 Jan 1285Full Review
MaizePCLucas2017 Jan 783Full Review
Pokemon Sun & Moon3DSDonnie, Q2016 Dec 3095Full Review
Dragon Ball Fusions3DSDonnie2016 Dec 2972Full Review
Duke Nukem 3D - 20th AnniversaryXbox OneQ2016 Dec 2875Full Review
DarksidersXbox OneJoshua2016 Dec 2294Full Review
Super Mario RuniOSSeth2016 Dec 1985Full Review
Swap FireWii UKevin2016 Dec 1375Full Review
The DwarvesXbox OneMo2016 Dec 1286Full Review
Super Mario Maker for 3DS3DSSeth2016 Dec 1285Full Review
Hyperlight EXNew 3DSDonnie2016 Dec 871Full Review
Small Radios Big TelevisionsPS4Kevin2016 Dec 180Full Review
Astervoid 2000PCLucas2016 Dec 183Full Review
Earth's DawnXbox OneJoshua2016 Nov 3075Full Review
Sports Bar VRPSVRMo2016 Nov 2983Full Review
Twisted FusionWii UJason2016 Nov 2952Full Review
Mario Party: Star Rush3DSDonnie2016 Nov 1882Full Review
Gears of War 4Xbox OneDonnie, Mo2016 Nov 1087Full Review
Lithium: Inmate 39PS4Justin2016 Nov 940Full Review
SeraphPS4Seth2016 Nov 787Full Review
BreachedPCJared2016 Nov 478Full Review
Ginger: Beyond the CrystalXbox OneJoshua2016 Nov 240Full Review
TetheredPSVRKyle2016 Oct 2890Full Review
HoPiKoXbox OneJoshua2016 Oct 2790Full Review
Pirate Pop Plus3DSKevin2016 Oct 2590Full Review
RivePS4Devin2016 Oct 2570Full Review
SyndromePCLucas2016 Oct 2165Full Review
Strike Vector ExPlaystation 4Kyle2016 Oct 1879Full Review
Dead SynchronicityPlayStation 4, PCSeth2016 Oct 1350Full Review
CastlesXbox OneJoshua2016 Oct 1170Full Review
AragamiPCJason2016 Oct 770Full Review
Dear EstherPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCSeth2016 Oct 551Full Review
Jazzpunk: Directors CutPlayStation 4Kevin2016 Sep 3095Full Review
VirginiaPlayStation 4Kevin2016 Sep 2782Full Review
FirewatchXbox OneNathan2016 Sep 2790Full Review
SeveredWii U, PlayStation Vita, 3DSDonnie2016 Sep 2271Full Review
Perfect WomanXbox OneNathan2016 Sep 1935Full Review
Jotun: Valhalla EditionWii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCKevin, Jason2016 Sep 892Full Review
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasPlayStation 4, Vita, PC, Mobile, iOSKyle2016 Sep 778Full Review
Talent Not IncludedPCJason2016 Aug 3083Full Review
ValleyXbox One, PlayStation 4, PCSeth2016 Aug 2970Full Review
PonchoWii UKevin2016 Aug 2682Full Review
Worms W.M.DXbox One, PlayStation 4, PCDonnie2016 Aug 2683Full Review
AbzuPlayStation 4Kyle2016 Aug 990Full Review
HeadlanderPlayStation 4, PCSeth2016 Aug 490Full Review
Dishonored: Definitive EditionPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCKevin2016 Aug 190Full Review
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HDWii UDonnie2016 Jul 30100Full Review
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HDWii UDonnie, Jason2016 Jul 2879Full Review
Pokemon Go (reviewcast)Mobile, iOSNathan, Donnie, Kevin2016 Jul 2774Full Review
InsideXbox One, PlayStation 4, SteamDonnie2016 Jul 1883Full Review
Star Fox ZeroWii UJason2016 Jun 648Full Review
Uncharted 4PlayStation 4Donnie, Kyle2016 Jun 7100Full Review
Mario Golf World Tour3DSDonnie2016 Jun 1194Full Review
The Evil WithinPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCKevin2016 Jun 2375Full Review
Kingdom BuilderBoard Game, TabletopKyle2016 Jun 870Full Review
Hyrule Warriors & Legends Wii U, 3DSDonnie2016 Jun 683Full Review
OxenfreePlayStation 4, PCKyle2016 Jun 680Full Review
Uncharted 3PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4Donnie2016 May 2188Full Review
Assault Android CactusPlayStation 4Kyle2016 May 287Full Review
Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii UDonnie2016 Apr 2485Full Review
InFamous: First LightPlayStation 4Kevin2016 Apr 2094Full Review
Until DawnPlayStation 4Kevin2016 Apr 1489Full Review
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam3DSKevin2016 Mar 1675Full Review
Tom Clancy's The DivisionPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCNathan2016 Mar 1580Full Review
BroforcePlayStation 4, Xbox OneKyle2016 Mar 1068Full Review
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PCMo2016 Mar 673Full Review
Hitman Go: Definitive EditionPlayStation 4, Mobile, iOS, PlayStation Vita, PC, Xbox OneKyle2016 Mar 380Full Review
Uncharted 1 & 2PlayStation 4, Xbox OneDonnie2016 Feb 2480Full Review
FirewatchPlayStation 4, PC, Xbox OneKyle2016 Feb 1585Full Review
BoxBoy!3DSDonnie2016 Feb 1882Full Review
UnravelXbox One, PlayStation 4Kyle2016 Feb 2374Full Review
Star Wars: BattlefrontXbox One, PlayStation 4, PCNathan2016 Feb 690Full Review
Yoshi's Wooly WorldWii U, 3DSKevin2016 Feb 985Full Review
Chrono Trigger3DS, DS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3Kyle2016 Feb 12100Full Review
The WitnessPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCKyle2016 Feb 487Full Review
Batman: Arkham KnightPlayStation 4, Xbox OneKevin2016 Jan 2990Full Review