Are you in the mood for a fun, colourful, and progressively difficult platformer for your 3DS? Please look no further than ‘Chicken Wiggle’ on your 3DS eShop. Atooi has crafted a delightful challenge for you that is more than just your basic game. Let’s take a look inside.


‘Chicken Wiggle’ has a simple and yet heartwarming story at its core. An evil witch has plundered the surrounding areas and “chicknapped” the friends of our heroes. Bonded together in a quest to save them, a flightless chicken and trusty worm saddle up for the challenge. It’s a simple premise, and the narrative is merely a backdrop for some fun and addictive gameplay. If you grew up with the NES and other consoles during this industry’s infancy, this will fit right in with your gaming memories.


Gameplay, in my opinion, is the heart and soul of this game. As Chickenwiggle, you have three main abilities, jump, a work “hook shot”, and a peck attack. You’ll use these abilities along with a few select powerups to overcome the six stages found within the games eight towers.

The earlier levels do a great job introducing the mechanics of the game, while the later stages really tack on the difficulty requiring some timing and precision in order to advance. While the ultimate goal of each stage is to rescue your chicken friend from their tiny prison, there are also 100 orbs/chicklets/collectables to nab, as well as the letters F-U-N. Getting through a level can be easy enough, but to truly “100% it”, you’ll have to collect all of these along the way.

‘Chicken Wiggle’ also comes with a full level creator with all content unlocked from the very beginning. I’m not a huge designer myself so I merely toyed with the top level options, but anyone that dug deep into ‘Mario Maker’ will be able to get a lot out of this. Downloading user-created levels were a breeze, and I played some very interesting spin-offs of ‘Pac-Man’ and ‘Super Mario’ while I was exploring the options out there. Jools Watsham has created a great little tool for players to toy around with and enjoy.


This is where ‘Chicken Wiggle’ really shines, the presentation. The pixel art is gorgeous and the score is fantastic. I found the various tracks to be quite catchy. While there may not be a plethora of enemies to face, they are all designed well and their individual art looks great. I definitely recommend playing with 3D turned on, as it creates a wonderful depth to the backgrounds that make the visuals pop. A simple touch, but the way a certain football helmet pops off the enemy and tumbles off the screen adds charm and visual flair. Each tower has its own specific theme from vinelike beanstalks to a candy/cake dreamland. Don’t be deceived by the child-friendly nature of the visuals, as ‘Chicken Wiggle’ will get difficult!

Each tower has its own specific theme from vinelike beanstalks to a candy/cake dreamland. Don’t be deceived by the child-friendly nature of the visuals, as ‘Chicken Wiggle’ will get difficult! Atooi definitely captures their moto within this game, “retro roots, modern mojo”. I feel it within the design decisions and overall experience.


‘Chicken Wiggle’ is a gem of an experience, and unfortunately, due to its platform of release, feel it will be overshadowed a bit by the Nintendo Switch. A large segment of this target audience loves indies, but have left their 3DS behind, myself included. Regardless, this game was a joy to play through and at a current sale price of $9.99 (sale ends 9/28), it is a game I urge you not to pass up. While the eight towers may not offer the longest gameplay, nabbing each collectable will give players something to accomplish and let’s not pass off that editor. Download some levels and give your game design chops a test by making your own.

Thank you for supporting Nintendo, Atooi, and I can’t wait to see what future games grace our game screens in the future!

Chicken Wiggle (3DS)

$14.99 (Currently on sale $9.99)
Chicken Wiggle (3DS)

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