When our fearless Co-Editor and Chief contacted me and said, “Hey Coach, I got a sports game for you,” I got so jacked I literally was about to do a back flip. Then when he added its for PSVR my heart was going so fast that I rushed home to install it. Now I don’t know about you folks but when the universe gives you a free game to play you just sort of have that Christmas eve euphoria on overdrive.

So I got home, put in the code and up pops Sports Bar VR which is made by the great folks over at Cherry Pop Games Limited. Now let me preface this by saying that when I read the text from one of my bosses, I did not see the whole “Bar” part in the title. My brain simply saw the word Sports and was all “YESSSSSSSSS LETS GOOOOO!!!!”

After the install though, I realized what I was about to dive into and had a brief moment of fear. You see I am horrible at bar/parlor room games. Darts, pool, etc I am complete garbage at them. I just lack the finesse. The fear passed when I realized this is a video game! I am pretty decent at video games, so lets do this yo!

There are a few different game modes in Sports Bar VR and I will get to those in a minute, but the thing that stood out the most in this game is that it allows you to basically choose evil or good in a fun way. Want to play a quick game by yourself, go for it. You want to play the A.I. sweet! You want to throw beer bottles all over the place and basically act like a monkey flinging its poo around and disturb everyone around you, also an option.



The game modes very from pool (very difficult to handle at first), air hockey (my best experience), and darts (I still don’t know how to throw that thing but I suck at it in real life so I figure that was just natural). There are three ways to play the actual game. You can dive in solo and hone your skills, against the A.! that becomes easier to beat the more you play I found, or the dangerous online mode. Danger you say? Yes, Danger. The online play made me want to compete. When you are not good at the game, competition is hard to expect. So I was horrible, they were not as horrible, and I lost. This lead to me playing, and playing, and playing until I finally won one.  24 rounds later, I am king. Yup my odds of winning online in Sports Bar VR pool are worse than Shaq’s three point percentage.

Coach Pool winning percentage online- 1-24

Shaq’s 3 pt percentage – 1-22

Why was I so bad you may wonder to yourself? Well lets be honest cause that’s what I would want from a reviewer. Is it the controllers? is the game play? Is it the VR being limited? No. Its entirely the fact that the user is garbage at Sports bar games as I previously stated. I am great at lifting large amounts of weight, moving other human beings, and playing games that involve power. However, I am awful, I mean just the worse at any game that involves that whole touch concept. That’s why I do ok at first person shooters. Turn head, pull trigger, reload. Check and mate. But just as I am in real life, VR sports bar games and I are just a bad combo.

I had fun hitting the cue ball to hard and missing every shot, watching myself smack the ball around, miss the mark on darts, and just smash the disc in table hockey. But other than Skee ball (a side game that I didn’t complete suck at) I am just bad at the games. So the skills transferred from real life to virtual life. My skills just were not up to snuff. If you make sure and do the tutorials you will be golden and I had a good understanding of the control but just could not excel at the actual skill it took to play.

To add a little more insight to it, I gave my wife and two friends a chance to play and all three of them won more games than I did in a much, much, much shorter period of time….. I don’t want to talk about it.

So if you are already pretty good at these types of games, I feel like I can say you will be pretty successful. If you associate with a bull in a china shop on the regular, maybe not for you.

To wrap this bad boy up, I love the activity of this game. Moving around, picking up random stuff and just having a good time made this a super enjoyable game for me to play. Yea I may not be good at it, but everyone else who played it around me loved it as much as I did. I feel it is important to mention that because in this day of VR games we are going to stumble across this more often than not. If you are good at something in real life, in VR those skills should transfer correct? In Sports Bar Vr this gamer/reviewer can say it does.