PSVGs Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games

Here are the top 25 games available on the Nintendo Switch from Team PSVG. We argued, we debated, and in the end we hope this list provides a diverse look at the options available to you.


At the time of writing this, It’s been 6 months since the Nintendo Switch launched on March 3rd, 2017. Come back on March 3rd 2018 as we update the list again for Switch’s 1-year anniversary.

#25 - Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Wonderboy is essentially two games in one – the original Sega Master System game and a beautifully remastered piece of art. I use the term art because this is so much more than a video game. Visually, Wonderboy is absolutely stunning to look at on your screen. I found myself constantly switching between the two games on the fly to fully-appreciate just how much work they put into the game based on the original levels. The action-adventure platforming game design is both fun and challenging plus the inclusion of the re-orchestrated soundtrack makes for a incredible package.

– Josh

#24 - Kamiko

Hands down the best value on the switch today, for only 4.99 you get a great top down action game in the spirit of the original legend of Zelda with great replay-ability. You can play through the game with three different characters for an added challenge each with their unique abilities and gameplay style. While the game is relatively short it does make up for it with the different characters to try, it also times you on your gameplay times so that you can see how quick you can solve the puzzles and defeat the bosses.

– Kevin

#23 - Binding of Issac

Have you ever thought to yourself, why isn’t there a game where you can play as a naked fetus and battle steaming piles of poop? Well, number one you are clearly disturbed and should probably seek some professional help and two, well there already is in this title. While not for every gamer on the surface this title is HEAVILY inspired by Legend of Zelda as well, and hearkens back to the dungeon structure. No play through of this title is exactly the same so it can keep you coming back again and again…if you can handle the poop…seriously go see someone we are worried about you.

– Kevin

#22 - Fast RMX

Fast RMX is great “look at what my switch can do” game, perfect for showing off the Switch’s visual appeal on the go or on the TV. The chaotic nature of the Wipeout/F-Zero-ish racer combined with the visual appeal of futuristic raceways through rain storms or gorgeous sunsets instantly set’s it apart from other games available on Nintendo Switch. The color-swapping fast tracks adds a neat arcady action to the standard fast-racing affair, features a bounty of diverse tracks and is also an excellent option for local coop with 1080p/60fps even in 2 player split screen.

It’s unfortunate that Fast RMX & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released so close to one-another. Had they been further apart maybe more people would have played and/or spent more time with Fast RMX vs. waiting on the more popular kart racer to arrive.

– Donnie

#21 - Jackbox Party Pack 3

Looking for a great party game on the switch? Well look no further than the Jackbox Party Pack 3! I’ve played these games since waaaay back in the day when they were just making You Don’t Know Jack, I’ve always enjoyed the humor and replay ability of these games. With Jackbox Party Pack 3 you can play with up to 8 players at the same time. Featuring 5 different games that range from the silly to the absolutely absurd this game is as funny and unique as the people you play them with. Great for a virtual game night with friends and family. Games included in this batch are: Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee K.O., and Fakin’ It. Quiplash 2 is my personal favorite.  Sadly you will need to have the same WiFi connection so unless you have REALLY strong on the go solution you won’t be playing Jackbox on a rooftop party with Karen anytime soon.

– Kevin

#20 - Gonner

GoNNER is a creepy, atmospheric and minimalist 2D roguelike that is filled with mystery and challenge. You take control of Ikk, as you blast your way through the procedurally-generated platforming levels that are filled with enemies and obstacles. The game is bizarre, but a blast to play and a perfect fit for the Switch. What sets GoNNER apart from other roguelikes is the ability to choose your loadout before jumping into the game, and each gun, head and perk behaves appreciably different.

– Seth

#19 - Has Been Heroes

I fell in love with Has-Been Heroes from the first trailer. I’m a sucker for roguelikes, and grew to love the fast-paced, lane-based battle system present in Has-Been Heroes. In the game, you control three past-their-prime heroes as they escort two princesses to school through a variety of harrowing, procedurally-generated environments. There is a lot of strategy in choosing your path through the game, your heroes and perks, and in the order you attack your enemies. Every time you beat the game, you unlock more heroes and levels, giving players yet another reason to dive into a round. Has-Been Heroes is a perfect pick-up-and-play game on the Nintendo Switch.  – Seth

#18 - Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero

Why is Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero a great game for the Switch? Because it was a great game on the Wii U and goes to show what a successful Kickstarter game looks like! Alas, I am currently just an owner of the original Wii U release and have yet to purchase the Switch version (holding out for physical release). However, I have been tempted to bite the bullet and get the digital version on more than one occasion based on the DLC content WayForward has released thus far. A great take on the classic platforming genre, the Shantae series never fails to get me excited though each game has the same basic formula. The plot is always based off the previous games’ events, but that shouldn’t stop folks who haven’t picked up a Shantae title, especially the coveted original–although the 3DS eShop has all three previous titles available for download if you’re interested. If you’re looking to beef up your Switch collection with a great platformer containing an adorable main character and always-wonderfully-written dialogue, look no further than Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero.

– Caroline

#17 - Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Confession time: I’ve never been a big Mega Man fan. While I’ve played Mega Man 2, it’s only been in recent years and hasn’t stuck with me. Recently, two separate franchises have attempted to reinvigorate the Mega Man-style gameplay. Inti Creates has released a full-blown game for the Switch that combines the Gunvolt series with Mighty Number 9, and the result is more than the sum of its parts. In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, players can take either Beck from Mighty Number 9 or Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt through a gauntlet of levels based around enemies from the Mighty Number 9 universe. The result is a slick platformer with memorable levels and a ton of replayability. If you love old school platforming, then Mighty Gunvolt Burst should be on your list of games for the Nintendo Switch. 

– Seth

#16 - Lego City Undercover

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last ten years or so, Lego’s are a big deal. This title began as a Wii U exclusive so was overlooked by a lot of gamers. This remastered version fixes a lot of the bugs and load times that plagued the first one for many gamers myself included. But this version is much better that its former self. Play as Detective Chase McCain as he goes deep into the criminal underground to take down his greatest adversary Rex Fury. Along the way infiltrate other crime gangs and go on some insane missions along the way. Fun, funny and family friendly as we know only Lego can do.

– Kevin

#15 - Oceanhorn

Why did i get all the games that are like Zelda? Anyway Oceanhorn is another great inspired by Zelda game that began as a mobile device game that eventually made its way on to home consoles. This one is more inspired by Wind Waker with it’s bright colors and water themed adventures. While not as good as the aforementioned Zelda game it is still a very fun adventure with fun combat and great puzzle like experience. With the sequel on the way (with a major graphical overhaul) this one is not to be missed or overlooked.
– Kevin

#14 - Cave Story+

Its had to say anything new about the classic Dōkutsu Monogatari that hasn’t already been said. Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, the game’s creator, made Cave Story by himself, in his spare time, over 5 years of college and work. The result was Cave Story, arguably becoming one of the most important indie games ever made, paving the way for so many other developers to take a similar path to success. This most recent version on Nintendo Switch, Cave Story+ features an entirely rebuilt game with significant visual upgrades, new 3D models, dynamic camera system, an additional level not in the original and a remixed soundtrack. So in almost every way, the classic metroidvania game design and Quote’s incredible adventure is better than it ever has been before. Also its worth pointing out that Cave Story+ is a console exclusive and not currently available anywhere except PC/Steam.

If you’ve never played Cave Story, you owe it to yourself to add it to your Switch. I know it’s an ‘old’ game, but the upgrades warrant the still affordable $30 price-tag.

– Donnie

#13 - Puyo Puyo Tetris

From the moment you hear “SEGA!” from one of the combatants to the moment your match begins, Puyo Puyo Tetris is a welcomed addition of games that exemplifies the crux of portable multiplayer gaming. Simple controls and motions give players a chance to do battle in not one, but two action-packed forms of puzzle platforms. Older players will recognize and enjoy the solidarity of Tetris, while returning Puyo Puyo fans will rejoice that the familiarity of the colorful blobs remain intact. With the Switch being the newest platform for this genre, players can play against each other on the go with relative ease, and with each victory or defeat comes further appreciation of Puyo Puyo Tetris between rivals and friends alike.

– Tyler

#12 - Snipperclips

Oh my, Snipperclips, the Switch’s surprise launch game is a delightful experience and a perfect showcase game for the Switch (yes, even more than 1-2 Switch’s collection of demos). Snipperclips single-handedly (ha!) makes the case for the detachable joy-con’s with its coop based mode that forces 2 players to work together to create solutions to various puzzles by clipping characters into different shapes. The scrapbooking gameplay is enchanced by a cute, colorful, and inviting style that can appeal to gamers of all ages. The content my be on the short end, but at only $20, it’s 100% worth having just to show your friends how cool detachable joycons are.

– Donnie

#11 - Minecraft Switch Edition

While it took me a while to get past Minecraft’s 8-bit aesthetic and dense crafting system, once I finally gave the game a shot, it clicked. Minecraft is a great game, filled with creativity, harrowing moments and problem-solving. The Switch version is much the same as the other core versions, with one major caveat: it’s on a portable home console. The same game you play on your big screen is the same one you can take with you on the go. Yes, this can be said about (almost) every game on the Switch, but it’s absolutely what sets this version of Minecraft apart. The rest of the game is still there, and there are few things I like better than booting up a brand new world in Minecraft and discovering its secrets.  

– Seth

#10 - Overcooked

The perfect answer for families or groups of friends looking for a Switch game to play together. Overcook casts different members as Chefs in different kitchens tasked on keeping up with orders for food. As you slice, dice, boil, cook, deliver and clean your way to meet demand, all kinds of fun obstacles can occur and that’s where the fun begins. Overcooked’s gameplay creates a frantic, frenzied, delirious, agitated, furious, deranged (I could keep going) dialog among the players that can turn family and friends against one another in the best of ways. So strap on that joycon wristlock before you play, just to save you from trying to fling it at your loved ones out of frustration.

– Donnie

#9 - ARMS

A new IP in the fighting genre that features MOTION CONTROLS!? That will never work! Yet somehow, “ARMS” does. What I initially cast aside as frustrating gimmick during the various Test Punch sessions totally won me over after full release. “ARMS” is interesting title, that while it may not have the “legs” needed to grab others, totally scratched my competitive itch.

The single player experience does not offer much to keep gamers satisfied, but it is the multiplayer experience where this game shines. Kick back and enjoy the chaos of Party Mode or go full “try-hard” inside of ranked. I spent countless nights proclaiming “one more match” as strived to hit that next ranked level. Throw in some great music, fantastic character design, and a well balanced game and you have a unique experience that cannot be found within any other title.

While I haven’t been active in “ARMS” recently, a slew of free and continuous DLC provides something for players to return back to. “ARMS” was the game I thought I hated and it turned out to be a game I quite love.

– Jason

#8 - Sonic Mania

I grew up a Genesis Kid. Give me FAST, give me BLAST PROCESSING, give me what NINTENDONT. I was sold on the marketing of the 90’s and I wanted it bad. I’ll never forget the birthday I received my consoles bundled with “Sonic 2”. This is for my love of that little hedgehog developed and lead me to play my absolute favorite entries into the series, “Sonic 3” and “Sonic & Knuckles”. This is precisely why “Sonic Mania” is an absolute blast.

“Sonic Mania” take everything I knew about Sonic as a kid and feeds it back to me with spoonfuls of nostalgia. That classic Sonic gameplay formula combined with some twists on some old familiar levels… I was instantly transported back to my pre-teen years. This is the Sonic I remember and this is the Sonic I’ve always wanted. I gotta go fast!

– Jason

#7 - I Am Setsuna

The Sony Playstation introduced me into the world of JRPG’s: Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Xenogears, Saga Frontier, to name a few… Unfortunately, my time with the genre also stopped with my use of the Playstation. Perhaps it was the consoles I had afterward, or maybe I just wasn’t interested. Picking up “I am Setsuna” instantly brought me back.

Tokyo RPG factory has crafted a fantastic story experience within your typical JRPG framework. I was invested in these characters, I cared about the journey they were on, and you know what? The experience was just a delight. The graphics, while not overly complex or stunning, are truly beautiful to behold. The soundtrack, soothing and top notch. While there were a couple times I found myself forced to grind a bit to adequately take on the game’s challenges, it did not detract from the overall experience.

If you played any Square/Squaresoft RPG’s in the 90’s, you owe it to yourself to experience “I am Setsuna”. You will not be disappointed.

– Jason

#6 - Graceful Explosion Machine

A 2D, side-scrolling, shoot-em up, Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) has a colorful palette and addicting high score chasing that will keep you coming back for more. While all of your abilities are learned early in the game, new enemies emerge as you progress through the 30+ levels across 4 worlds. Simple to learn but challenging to master, GEM fits perfectly on the Switch with individual levels only last a few minutes. But beware: picking it up to play one level can turn into hours of high score chasing.

– Kyle

#5 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s best selling franchises, and there’s no question as to why. Being able to engage experienced players while bridging newcomers to an even battlefield has no better example than when it comes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Offering a lush variety of environments to traverse and do battle is wondrous to the eyes, especially as you send a red koopa shell into your (soon to be former?) best buddy to secure first place. Add the ability to take this game anywhere you go so everyone gets a chance to try the new Battle Mode or handle the six additional individuals not found in its Wii U predecessor, and you have a full fledged multiplayer at the tip of your fingertips. Friends and family from varying degrees of gaming have always grouped around this game, and not once has anyone felt left out.

– Tyler

#4 - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I love this game! Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is stunning, almost breathtaking, visually so much in fact, you’ll never believe that Ubisoft (not Nintendo) is the developer. The soundtrack, is also equally phenomenal, you will hear some new music and classics remade from past Mario games. The Humor is over the top silly. If you are familiar with a Rabbids, that will come as no surprise, but they did a great job of fitting that into the Mario universe. However, visually, sound, and wackiness aside, it’s the gameplay that really makes this game shine. Tactics based combat and incredibly innovative enemies make this game a MUST OWN!  – Josh

#3 - Shovel Knight

If you look up the definition of “retro game” in the dictionary, you should find a picture of Shovel Knight. The 8-bit throwback took the gaming world by storm when it was released a few years ago, and it is absolutely one of the best games available on any console today. Shovel Knight has a charming story and its gameplay is on-point. If you haven’t played the core game yet, you are truly missing out. The Shovel Knight Treasure Trove adds even more value, with the addition of the Plague Knight and Spectre Knight campaigns. While Plague Knight doesn’t quite reach the core game’s heights, Spectre of Torment possibly outshines the original game with a heartbreaking story and a refreshing remix to the gameplay. With King Knight’s campaign on the way early next year, Shovel Knight is the game that keeps on giving.  – Seth

#2 - Splatoon 2

“Splatoon”… A love/hate relationship. I loved the idea of the game, but I just hated the motion controls. Maybe it was the clunky gamepad, maybe it was the limited time of only being able to play on my main TV. Good news. “Splatoon 2” took everything I liked and fixed many of my qualms. 

The pro controller feels made for this game. If you are not using motion with “Splatoon 2”, I feel like you are missing out on something special. It works wonderfully.  While the game is very much in the same mold of its predecessor, the tweaks made combined with portability are a total game changer. I’ve easily played 10x as much “Splatoon 2” in the first months of release as I did with the entire lifespan of “Splatoon”. I’m about to be cooked, because I’m on the hook!

I’m driven to have the freshest gear and whether I want to improve in the various ranked modes or chill in a turf war or two, the game provides. I’ve had an amazing social experience regardless of the shortcoming of Nintendo’s online services and application. That has what has hooked me with this game, and I love it for this. Look at me rambling and I haven’t even mentioned the Salmon Run mode yet!

If you had any interest in “Splatoon”, I wholeheartedly recommend “Splatoon 2” to you. This is my most played game on the Nintendo Switch and it likely will be for some time.

– Jason

#1 - The Legend of Zelda: Zelda Breath of the Wild

It’ll be most interesting as we update this list over the Switch’s generation if any game can knock The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from this #1 position. Simply put, Breath of the Wild is the reason you buy a Switch. The open world, its attributes and forces, the enemies, it’s characters are so expertly designed that it’s easy to just get lost as you explore what’s just over the horizon. The main quest has so much to offer during your Hyrule journey; full of mini-dungeon shrines to tackle, guardians and Lynels to slay, monstrous divine beasts to conquer before making your final attempt to storm the castle. All of which you’ll encounter some of the best supporting characters to ever grace the series.

Even more surprising – It’s still not over! The Master Trials DLC offers those a challenging and rewarding spin on the game, in game equipment and items to find in the world, a Master Mode that ramps up the difficulty for those looking for a new game plus experience to keep you in the world until the story expansion arrives later this fall.

In summary, Zelda Breath of the Wild was an incredible experience and deserving of rave amount of praise it received this year. Without question, this game is on many shortlists for Game of The Year and it still has more game on the way.

– Donnie