The only answer for why this blog exists is that we love to write, talk, debate, and record our thoughts about video games. Everyone here at PSVG has logged his or her reactions to news stories in the video game biz over the past couple of years in various forums across the web. We wanted to reach a larger audience. We wanted a platform where others could actually find us. We aren’t journalism majors and weren’t looking for a “career” in games media. We simply love to talk about our video gaming thoughts with like minded gaming enthusiasts in hopes of fun and good debate!

What PSVG is all about: We want to talk to more people who enjoy this great hobby. If you’ve found your way to PSVG we hope you like to play, talk, and debate video game culture. We want PSVG to become a “public forum” for that outlet. A community where many people can bounce their thoughts off any of the topics that we and our readers share. We just want to play some games… and sometimes talk about it.

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