Fall is here…kind of. Not by date, but by coffee beverages it is! While I am not a big pumpkin person (it is fine), salted caramel mochas are now available at your local Starbucks and I will be enjoying them for as long as possible, often while playing video games. Speaking of video games, a slower week on the PSN this week compared to last, but still a few titles I am interested in. Let’s take a look…

Jotun: Valhalla Edition (PS4)

Stunning hand drawn art, a big axe, Norse mythology, and boss fights all add up to Jotun being a game I am interested in. I really enjoyed Furi which was a PS+ subscription game in July, and I see Jotun as being a slow, more deliberate counterpoint to the frenetic combat of Furi. This game does not actually release until Friday on the PSN, so stay tuned to Play Some Video Games for more information about Jotun as release draws closer.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (PS4)

When I first heard Oceanhorn was coming to PS4, I was holding out hope for a Vita version. While I stopped holding my breath to play this game on my Vita on the go (it is available on mobile) I am still looking forward to the PS4 version. Explore islands and dungeons, sail across the ocean to new destinations, learn magic, and gain insight into the world you live. A big heap of Zelda with a dab of RPGs, I am looking forward to Oceanhorn.

The Tomorrow Children (PS4)

This free-to-play game is releasing this week on PSN…for $20. In what seems like it is becoming a model for Sony (i.e. Paragon) you can start playing The Tomorrow Children, which will eventually be free, buy purchasing a Founders Pack. Granted, the Founders Pack does come with a bunch of additional content, but I am torn between spending the money or just waiting until it is free. Either way, I enjoy a lot of what Q-Games does (the PixelJunk series) so I will be checking this out sooner or later.

That is it for me this week and while most of the games are a bit smaller, they are definitely in the shadow of a pretty big week next week. Is there anything I missed this week that you are picking up? What do you think about charging for games that will eventually be free? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!