There are a couple behemoths launching this week on the PSN (Destiny: The Collection and the Death Star DLC for Battlefront) this week, but honestly, neither of them appeal much to me. I still only own vanilla Destiny, and while I have considered jumping back in, I feel so far behind at this point I will likely just wait for Destiny 2 next year. So there is only one title that is jumping out at me this week. What is it? Let’s take a look…

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (PS4)

I know this game (some would argue it is not a game) gets mixed reactions from people. The history of this title is probably the biggest reason I want to play it. I go in waves when it comes to this style of game. Sometimes I have a hankering to trot around an environment, check things out at my own leisurely pace, not worry about enemies or tasks, and just get lost in a world. Other times, I want the game to tell me where to go, what to do, and give me people to take out along the way. So, when the time is right, and I have the hankering to just meander through an interesting environment, I will be taking Dear Esther for a spin.

That is it for me this week. I am still finishing up Rive (that game is awesome, but challenging) and have also jumped into the BioShock Collection, so plenty on my plate, so I am ok with a lighter release week (at least for me). I toyed around with including The Bunker, Slain: Back from Hell, and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak Special Gigs (that is a mouthful) but none of them did quite enough to make the list. With October quickly approaching, I am going to have to start making some tough choices about what to play, and decide whether to keep my PSVR pre-order. With that, what are you all playing this week? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!