This week is a big week. Some big sports games, some big remasters, and a few notable smaller games result in a week that likely has something for everyone. What am I considering picking up? Let’s take a look…

BioShock: The Collection (PS4)

I have not decided if I am picking this up yet or not, but it is on the short list. The main reason I am not certain about it is I have already beaten all three of these games. So why am I considering paying for it again? I truly believe the trilogy is that good! Most people have a favorite, but there are parts of all three games I believe are special, and there are a few memorable moments I would like to experience again. What will it come down to? Whether I feel I can finish all three of these games before October rolls around, and I currently doubt that.

Rive (PS4)

I love trying out games that end completely differently than they started. According to developer Two Tribes, Rive started out as a 3D on-rails shooter. After a large amount of iteration, it is being released as a 2D twin-stick shooter/platformer. Those things sound pretty different, but the trailers I have seen make me pretty happy they went the direction they did. In addition, Two Tribes has said this will be their last game as the small indie developer will continue to support the games they have released, but is moving on to other things. They have promised Rive is their best game, and I am willing to put that promise to the test!

I am sure you are saying to yourself “Kyle, with all the releases this week, how can you pick ONLY two games?” Actually, it was pretty easy. There are a ton of games coming out this week that will make folks happy, I just am not into most of them. I contemplated putting Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness on here, but I just do not know enough about it. With that being said, what am I missing out on? What are you picking up? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!