Well, it is finally here. The week I have been excited for and dreading all at the same time. The week that my most anticipated game of the year comes out, and the week that PSVR launches. What does that all mean for you? A super-sized PSN Picks this week! So, let’s jump in to what I am excited about this week…

Dragon Quest Builders – PS4, Vita

When this game was first announced, I had no interest in it. Now, however, I am really looking forward to playing this on my Vita! I enjoy Minecraft, but always wished for more direction from the game, and that is exactly what Dragon Quest Builders provides. So, I look forward to creating amazing structures while fulfilling quests to rebuild my village!

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration – PS4

Finally! I have waited a long year to play this game, and I am probably more excited to play it this year than I was when Xbox players got it a year ago. This is easily my most anticipated title of the fall, as I adored the reboot, and I look forward to taking Lara on her next adventure. I am interested to play this in a post Uncharted 4 world, and while I think that games (from my experience with the reboot) are pretty different, the comparisons are inevitable. In the end, I am happy to wait the year to get PSVR support and all of the DLC included at the $60 price.

Here They Lie – PSVR

I enjoy horror games, and Here They Lie looks like a good opportunity to jump into the horror genre in VR. I am a bit worried about jump scares, as I do not want to hurl my headset across the room, but the atmosphere in this game looks incredible. Dark, moody, and just in time for Halloween, I am hoping this game fills the same niche (albeit in a different way) that Until Dawn did last year.

Rez Infinite – PS4, PSVR

I did not have an opportunity to play the original Rez, so when folks were stoked about it coming back, and working in VR no less, I did not have anything to compare it to or be excited about. However, now that I have watched enough gameplay, this is something I want to jump in on. Do I know exactly what is happening? No. Do I want to learn about what is happening in VR? Yes.

SuperHyperCube – PSVR

I enjoy puzzle games (seems like I enjoy most games, just not driving games, those are dumb) and when I first saw SuperHyperCube I knew I wanted to check it out. I get a good chuckle out of the hole-in-the-wall game shows, so turning that concept into a video game, in 3D space, has me all in. I doubt it is the next coming of Tetris, but I anticipate it will still be pretty good.

Thumper – PS4, PSVR

I often enjoy when games come up with unique ways to describe themselves, and the folks behind Thumper have done just that. Described as a “rhythm violence” game, Thumper takes you into the world of a space beetle navigating the hellish void on your way to confronting a giant head…from the future. That, to me, has winner written all over it.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – PSVR

As a kid, I loved going to the arcade to play light gun games. While early reviews for this game have been mixed, it does seem to fit the on-rails shooters I enjoyed as a kid. I am a bit disappointed at what seems to be shoehorning in the Until Dawn name, but it sounds like there are a few loose strings that tie it back to the excellent PS4 exclusive. I will take the gamble on Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and hope it can transport me to the days of my youth through the technology of today!

Wayward Sky – PSVR

While most of the attention for VR games goes to first-person, I think there could be incredible opportunities in third-person, and that is why I am looking forward to trying out Wayward Sky. In this third-person adventure game, you play as Bess, a young pilot who is trying to rescue her father after their plane crashes into a fortress in the clouds. While the game is not aiming to be extremely difficult, I am looking forward to experiencing an adventure game in VR.

Well, that was a list! With some big PS4 releases and a slew of PSVR games on the docket, it is not wonder I took a couple days off of work this week to try and get through some of it. How much I get through will likely be determined by how good things are, but I am looking forward to the challenge. What are you checking out this week? Do you have any interest in PSVR or VR in general? Comment below or chat with me on Twitter!