For the first time ever the PSN Picks(s) article is a day late. I blame the Thanksgiving food coma I am still reeling from. However, I could not leave you all in a lurch, especially with some big games dropping this week. What are those games? Let’s check them out…

Final Fantasy XV – PS4

The ten-year wait is over and we can finally get our hands on Final Fantasy XV, the entry many of us are hoping will cleanse our palate from what was the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. While I am not as down on those games as many are, they were not necessarily everything I was hoping they would be. While I still have a few concerns about Final Fantasy XV (namely I have not watched Kingsglaive or the anime series they did and most things are saying you should) I am looking forward to jumping in. That would have already happened if not for the patch that I had to download. Ya know, the day one patch they delayed the game for so it would be on the disc. Yes, I know it is likely a different/new patch, but when your internet is as slow as mine Tuesday releases end up being Wednesday releases for me. Either way, I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Steep – PS4

I really want a new snowboarding/skiing game that I can get excited about. Is Steep it? I have no idea. There have been a couple other games that launched this Fall, but none seem to be scratching the itch. I did not have the opportunity to play in the Steep alpha or beta, so I will likely wait for reviews on this one before I jump in, but I hope this can be the game I want it to be.

I know, I know, two AAA games. This is not normally like me, but this is what I am interested in this week. Plus, the Black Friday sales added a number of games to my backlog (six…sheesh) so I really need to slow down a bit here. Plus, with The Last Guardian on the horizon and what looks to be a packed early 2017 for PlayStation, I need to cut down my buying a bit so I can hopefully have the time to jump into everything once the new year rolls around. Did you score any great Black Friday deals? Are you jumping into Final Fantasy XV or Steep? Am I sleeping on a smaller title that should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below or let’s talk about it on Twitter!