I purchased my turkey a couple days ago, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This also means Black Friday is upon us. The best part of Black Friday? The video game deals of course! It is a good time to get great deals on games you missed throughout the year. But Black Friday is over a week away and I need something to play this week. Sure, I could go to my backlog, but my acquisition disorder mandates I at least entertain a few new games. So, what has piqued my interest this week? Let’s take a look…

Mekazoo – PS4

I like animals. I like platformers. If you combine two things I like, that means I will like the result even more, right? Hopefully! Mekazoo is a 2D platformer where you switch between animals with unique abilities as you navigate the levels. On the surface, this game seems great. I like the art style, I like how they use the different animal abilities to navigate the level, I like the funky music, but what it will come down to is how the game controls. Unfortunately, I cannot tell that in a video, so I may wait for review, but I am keeping a close eye on Mekazoo!

Silence – PS4

Every once in awhile I get sucked into a game with great visuals, and Silence is currently that game. I love the way this game looks but I cannot really tell you anything else about it. When I watch the trailer I think I know what is going on (siblings are trapped in a bunker as their world is destroyed, on gets transported to another world and the other has to go save them…I think) but every time I watch a trailer for the game I get wrapped up in the stunning visuals. A game is more than how it looks, but this one looks good enough that I will be following it closely. Depending on how long it is I may even jump into it Thanksgiving weekend!

Yesterday Origins – PS4

As has been mentioned multiple times, I like adventure games, especially those with a story I can get behind. I am not sure if the story of Yesterday Origins will pay off, but I am interested in the premise. The story is based around protagonist John Yesterday who is immortal…kind of. See, he can die, but when he does, he comes back to life the same age he was when he first died, but with no memory of his past lives. Yup. I am in. That is all I need. Again, not sure if this will be day one (so much to play right now) but I would like to jump into this one before the end of the year.

That is what I am interested in this week. What? No Ezio Collection? Nope, alright beat them all. No Killing Floor 2? Considered it, but with such a large emphasis on co-op I cannot commit. No Watch Dogs 2? Never really interested me. Am I crazy for skipping those big titles for the smaller titles I listed? What are you picking up this week? What excellent Black Friday deals will you be scoping out? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!