Halloween has come and gone, a plate of turkey and stuffing are in the near future, and as we dive into November there are still a number of AAA games on the horizon. One of the typical holiday juggernauts is up this week, but will it make my picks list? Let’s take a look…

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – PS4 w/PSVR content

I am a sucker for Call of Duty games. I know it is trendy to hate on them but I have a good time with them. Back in the day it was because I would sink hundreds of hours into the multiplayer. Today it is because I enjoy playing a bombastic campaign. If I can round up enough friends, playing a few rounds of Zombies is a nice way to end a day. Top that off with a PSVR jackal mission and I will have to give this game a go. The big decision is to I pay the big bucks to play Modern Warfare remastered as well? I hope I can tell myself no, but each year I think I am done with CoD, and each year I am brought back to it.

And that is it. There are other games I am interested in (Seraph, O! My Genesis VR, Super Dungeon Bros) but I want to wait for reviews on them and there are opportunities to pick up excellent games you may have missed (Destroy All Humans, SteamWorld Collection, Tumblestone). For the most part though, folks are still avoiding releasing the same week as Call of Duty. What are you picking up this week? Am I overlooking something? Should I not be getting CoD? Comment below or chat with me over on Twitter!