We are about a month away from E3 and last year it seemed like there were a lot of leaks already. This year, however, things seem to be pretty quiet, and I am happy about that. While I enjoyed the conferences last year, when I knew almost everything that was coming it took a bit of fun out of the experience. But this article is not about E3, it is about what games are coming out this week I might be playing before E3! So, is there anything I want to play? Let’s take a look…

LocoRoco Remastered (PS4)

The second of three PS classic games announced as a remaster at PSX2016, LocoRoco is a quirky, puzzle-platformer which is big on bright colors, cheerful music, and unique art. The above video is from our friends at IGN (I say “our friends” because they seem nice, not because I actually know them) so check it out as it will give you a clear indication as to what you are getting into should you choose to play!

NBA Playgrounds (PS4)

Basically it is NBA Jam without having all the characters unlocked…and without Bill Clinton. You do have to earn packs to open to get more characters, and the steal seems a bit overpowered right now, but if you are looking for a classic arcade style basketball game, NBA Playgrounds looks to fit the bill.

Strafe (PS4)

I am a bit on the fence on this one. Strafe is a face-paced FPS in the vein of the 90’s shooter…but it is also a roguelike. I am interested to see how these genres combine and if the game is as fun as the premise sounds.

That is it for me this week. Did I miss something big? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!