So this is a light week compared to what the PlayStation faithful have been used to this year. There are only two games that caught my eye and those are Tekken 7 and Danger Zone. So lets get into it.


While I’ve never been one to enjoy the 3D and slower paced fighting mechanics of the Tekken series (Give me Street Fighter and MK all day) I can appreciate the long running series. This next iteration has new fighters, new combos and move sets, and an even more technical fighting system. In addition to all that it has a new robust online tournament mode which should keep this game going for quite some time past its initial release.

Danger Zone

From the people who brought you Burnout comes Danger Zone. Taking place in a crash test facility, Danger Zone removes all of the racing distractions and gives you just what you care about the crashes!


Well that’s all we have for this week. If there are any glaring omissions let us know in the comments below or on twitter @PSVG !