So, this is the first week post Horizon, and as I am sure many of us are knee-deep in that world, there are still plenty of games past the horizon. Will I get to any of the ones this week? Eventually? Maybe? Hopefully, especially since there are some really good ones this week as this year just keeps pumping out hit after hit especially for the PlayStation faithful. Lets dive in!

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The next entry in the long running Tom Clancy Ghost Recon series has you deep in the heart of Bolivia going toe to toe with the Santa Blanca Cartel. You and 3 other AI or human companions are charged with eliminating this threat and you can choose to do it however you want. Will you go in guns blazing or take the Ghost approach and do major Recon and take out everyone without anyone even knowing it happened? The PSVG crew spent some time in the beta (feel free to check it out as well as Coach Mo’s unboxing of the CE at and just that was absolutely huge and had sooo many options on how to tackle each main mission, as well as plenty of optional side quests. I will definitely be spending some time in this one.

NeiR: Automata

Well didn’t this one come out of limbo to blow everyone away with the demo. Set in the far post apocalyptic future where robots have invaded earth, humans have fled to the Moon instead sending battle droids to fight as their proxy. With a really cool aesthetic, fast paced action RPG battle mechanics and some cool puzzles this open world RPG looks to be the sleeper hit of March on the PlayStation just like Nioh before it in February.

Disc Jam

I would have been remiss to not add this to the list.As a PS+ freebie this month Disc Jam looks to capture the same kind of buzz and player-base as Rocket League before it. Disc Jam is best described as fast paced tennis with a huge Frisbee, complete with ridiculous over the top abilities, crazy character customization, and hilarious physics. With 2-4 players you can go head to head or get some good 2 on 2 action. This is sure to be a great pick up and play a few rounds right quick type of game, and I’m sure there will be plenty of online tourneys and leader-boards to follow. I am absolutely looking forward to a community PSVG game night with some Disc Jam.

Whelp that’s it for this week! Are you planning on picking up any of these titles, did I miss something that demands our attention, or are you too busy playing Horizon (or Zelda) to even care? Let us know in the comments or chat with us on the twitters and facebook. Happy Gaming!