The end of March is here, which means we are wrapping up one of the best first quarters from a gaming perspective that I can recall. There was a little something for everyone so far this year on PlayStation, and if you are a sports gamer feeling a bit left out, well, this week has you covered with multiple options. An extremely robust release schedule means a beefier than usual picks article. So, let’s take a look…

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (PS4)

After sinking 50 hours into Horizon, starting NieR, and having Persona 5 preordered, what I need is a collection of really long games! In all seriousness though, I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game, but my wife adores them. She has always encouraged me to play them, and while I am not certain I have the time, I know she is chomping at the bit to jump back into the world. Our plan is to play through this collection and eventually play through Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue as well all before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. I think we have plenty of time.

MLB The Show 17 (PS4)

I grew up playing baseball and while I do not follow the sport as closely as I did in the past, baseball video games will always have a soft spot for me. I have played a few of the past iterations of The Show, and the level of simulation was always a bit daunting, but over the years they have done a nice job of making the game a bit more accessible to people who want to pick up and play a couple games once a week. The addition of Retro Mode this year makes that all the more possible. While I do not know how many games I will log while playing this year (and the Road to the Show mode looks more interesting than ever), I often dream of being that person who sits down and plays multiple entire seasons. With all the other games I play I do not anticipate that happening, but I can dream!

Old Time Hockey (PS4)

I am originally from Minnesota, so I am obligated by birth to like hockey and promote hockey video games. If you like classic hockey games, this might be a game for you to check out. The reviews online for this game are all over the place, but our resident hockey expert (not me, I am just obligated to promote hockey) Lucas Rose reviewed the game and I encourage you to see what he had to say!

Salt and Sanctuary (Vita)

Comparing a game to Dark Souls has kind of become the cliche anytime a game is challenging. But when a game studio says they were inspired to make a Dark Souls style game in 2D, and then that is what the game feels like, I am not sure what else to call it. Salt and Sanctuary came out about a year ago on PS4 and the Vita version was still promised. Unlike other folks who have canned the Vita ports later, Ska Studios kept their word and we are fortunate enough to get the Vita version now! I really enjoyed playing this on my PS4, but never finished. I now plan to pick it back up and finish exploring the drab, fog-shrouded island I was shipwrecked on. My only concern is how long it will take me to get back in the swing of things.

That is it for me this week folks. It really has been an embarrassment of riches so far this year and with Persona 5 so close, I do not expect that to change. Are you planning to pick anything up this week or are you still too busy playing all the other wonderful games released? What did I miss that you are interested in? Comment below or chat with me over on Twitter!