So,we’re past all the heavy hitters right? Its gonna be slow going till summer, business as usual. Nope. We had a week off kinda but now the hits are back.  Hot of the heals of Horizon,and Neir: Automata (I sincerely hope you had time to finish at least one of those) we’ve got Mass Effect: Andromeda and boy is this one a doozy. So like before will I get to this one this week or any of the others? Eventually? Maybe? Who Knows. PlayStation faithful, lets dive in!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The latest entry in the Mass Effect series puts you in the shoes of either of the Ryder siblings like Shephard or Femshep before, however both characters are canon, which in a sense gives you two play-throughs of this massive game. As Ryder you are a pathfinder. Charged with finding a new home for humanity outside of our solar system in the nearest system Andromeda. Will you have what it takes to usher humanity to the next step? Will you bang your way across the galaxy, just kill a bunch of aliens on your way to total domination or both. Its your story and it’s your choice in how to tell it.

88 Heroes

In this quirky little 2D platformer you have 88 heroes and 88 minutes to get through 88 rooms in order to save the world at 8:08 on August 8th 1988. Do you have what it takes to save the world? The called for the best, but the best was busy so now its up to you.

Whelp that will do if for this week, unless you count Iron Fist which came out last Friday and is on Netflix but I didn’t start until… you know what never mind. So will you be gallivanting across the universe, attempting to save the word, or are you like me still finishing up that Platinum in Horizon?Or, did I miss something that demands our attention either way let us know in the comments or chat with us on the twitters and facebook. Happy Gaming!