The best part about summer is how game releases slow to a trickle giving us plenty of time to catch-up on our backlogs. Unfortunately, it seems someone forgot to tell all of the awesome game developers out there as they just keep pumping out excellent games I am interested in playing. What is going on my backlog? Let’s take a look!

Fortnite (PS4)

From Epic Games comes an adventure all about looting, building, and surviving. Pick your hero and attempt to weather the storm as you build an epic base, construct ingenious traps, craft fun weapons, and level up your character in this multi-player action co-op game. How deep this game appears to be surprised me and while it will eventually be free-to-play, you do have to pay for access if you want to jump in now.

Pyre (PS4)

From the developer behind Bastion and Transistor is all I should have to say to show the appeal of Pyre. But if you need more information to be convinced, it is a party-based RPG with a bit of sport and a visual novel thrown in for good measure. Containing both a campaign (which Supergiant says is their biggest to date) and a local versus mode, Pyre is looking to stoke your RPG and competitive flames in one package. Based on pedigree alone I would be picking this up, but the reviews are also solid, so I encourage you to give it a look!

Sundered (PS4)

I backed this game on Kickstarter (full-disclosure), but I couldn’t resist after the praise developer Thunder Lotus Games got for their first adventure, Jotun. The beautiful hand-drawn aesthetic is back along with hordes of enemies, epic boss fights, and multiple endings all packed into a game whose tagline is “descend into a horrifying fight for your survival and sanity.” Don’t mind if I do.

Tiny Trax (PSVR)

I am not much for racing games. I will dabble in a kart racer for a few minutes, but the genre, as a whole, has never appealed to me. However, I enjoy the games FuturLab makes, so when I hear they are making a game in VR, the fact that it is a slot car racer is not enough to deter me! Visually the game looks great, and I am hoping for the hallmark FuturLab feature of easy to learn, but challenging to master. See you on the trax!

So much for the slow weeks of summer! Anything you are looking at picking up this week? Did I miss something obvious? Comment below and until next week, never stop gaming!