This is a bit of an odd week in releases. There are a number of releases, but many of them are a repackaging of a game that already exists. However, I think a number of them are worth checking out. As a result, I am going to highlight a couple new games in the usual way, and briefly point out a couple of these re-releases that I believe are worthwhile. Without further ado, let’s jump in…

Dexed (PSVR)

Though the PSVR hype has fallen off a bit (possibly due to scarcity) I am still enjoying time with mine. I look each week, hoping for a VR release, and we typically get them, but this one I might check out! Dexed has a straightforward concept: you have a fire gun and an ice gun and they can each only destroy the opposite targets in the world. Go! I still enjoy on-rails shooters in VR, and the added complexity of each hand only being able to take care of specific targets is a classic twist I have not played much yet in PSVR. For the affordable price of $10, Dexed is poised to have my sliding back into VR.

Divide (PS4)

A dungeon crawl focused on exposing the secrets of the Vestige Corporation, Divide pulls in some adventure ideas and twin-stick combat to help you in the pursuit of truth. This game was originally announced last March for a 2016 release, and while they did not quite make it, I was starting to wonder what happened to it. The world looks interesting, the characters seem cool, and the story is something I am interested in. I have a lot to play on my plate, but I hope to find some room on it for Divide.

As mentioned, here are a few games being repackaged or re-released this week that if you have not checked out before, now might be a good time to take a look…

Abzu (PS4)

This game, which was originally released back in August, is getting a physical release. So, if you have not checked it out, now may be the time!

Hand of Fate Deluxe Edition (PS4)

A cool deck-building game combined with some dungeon crawling and Batman style combat, Hand of Fate is a fun game to play for an hour…or six.

Hitman: The Complete First Season (PS4)

Remember how Hitman was being released episodically? Now you can get the entire experience on disc at retail. So if you like getting your entire game at one time, now you can!

That is it for me this week. Did I miss something? What are you picking up or are you cleaning off the backlog before Nioh and Horizon hit next month? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!