December is here! This means one last big week of releases before we all get some time to catch up on our backlogs. While there will likely be a little gem I am looking forward to in the coming weeks, for the most part, I am excited the next few weeks will allow me to make a big dent in the game collection I am continually growing. However, there is a game 10-years in the making I have to get to first. Final Fantasy XV you say? No, that one is already started, it is that other game 10-years in the making. Nioh? Nope, that is not until February, it is still that other game 10-years in the making. Let’s check it out…

The Last Guardian – PS4

Ah, yes, The Last Guardian. I believe I have tempered enough expectations to enjoy this game (the camera is going to probably be bad and the controls will likely be wonky). Why do I say that without having actually read reviews? Well, because of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The big question for me is whether the story will be compelling and engaging enough to overcome the likely shortcomings. We will soon see as I have received my delivery confirmation while I type this article. Now I just have to wait to go home so I can play it. What is a few more hours when I have already waited 10-years?

Werewolves Within – PSVR

My love of board games and tabletop is not much of a secret. So when a classic party game comes to PSVR, I am definitely interested in checking it out. If you are familiar with the game Werewolf (pretty similar to the game Mafia as well), this is pretty much that game, but in VR. So you are playing with other people, around the world, sitting with a VR helmet strapped to their head as they try to determine who is a werewolf, and who is not. I love a good social deduction game, and I am looking forward to playing the classic in VR.

That is it for me this week, but with Final Fantasy XV taking a lot of my time, and now squeezing in The Last Guardian, I am really looking forward to the slowdown that is coming. Is there something I missed this week that I should have included? What are your thoughts on The Last Guardian? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter!